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I have had a small but well-loved collection of Fresh Beauty products for years now, so I pretty much fell off my chair when a huge box of goodies from the brand showed up at my house! I've been testing out the new bits over the past couple of months (including their facial skincare, which I'd never tried before) and today I wanted to give an overview of the brand and pick out my top recommendations.


It seems only right to start with the product that got me hooked: the Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments | £19.50 each (£21 for the Advanced formula). I have a few of these shades - some of which I like and use more than others - but the formula really is incredible. It's nourishing and contains SPF15, giving a glossy look to the lips. I don't reach for Rose or Dream* (both pinky-toned options but Dream is in the Advanced formula, which is meant to prevent ageing) very often because they're just too sheer for me and my skin tone. Honey, Petal and Punch* suit me better. Honey and Petal were my original Fresh purchases and I'm actually almost out of both of these! They're just what I automatically reach for on low-maintenance day or when I just don't know what to wear. Honey is a warm brown whereas Petal is a warm pink - they're both beautiful and I refuse to pick a favourite! Punch is new to me and this reddish-orange tone is already a summer staple - it gives that vibe with minimal effort.


I also have one of their fragrances - the Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum | £41 | which is a favourite of mine for this time of year. It's sweet, fresh and fruity all at the same time and not quite like anything else in my collection. It wears really well on my skin and this bottle has lasted me ages! In terms of body, I also have a special zodiac version of their Linden Soap* | £14. I wouldn't have picked up this type of product myself but I do really love the fresh, clean scent - it has a nice foamy formula and is actually really nourishing on my skin.


A standout from the range for me was the Soy Face Cleanser* | £30. It's a sort-of gel cleanser but doesn't have your typical foamy formula and smells amazing - like cucumbers! It's refreshing and makes my skin feel so clean without stripping it. It gets rid of any excess oils, lingering makeup and dirt that can clog the pores. It also leaves my skin feeling nice and soft.

I've also been using a duo from the Black Tea range for the past couple of months - this is their anti-ageing line, which I always find hard to review, but I'll share my thoughts on how the products worked on my skin in the time-frame I tested them out. I really, really did enjoy the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask* | £77 | because it seriously softens and smooths my skin. It has a rich, super-hydrating texture but didn't feel heavy or smothering on my skin and didn't break me out. You only need a tiny amount of product, so although it's pricey, I do think it'll last me a good while and I definitely saw short-term effects  when I used it on my face and neck (hopefully it will help me even more in the long run!) I did like the Black Tea Kombucha Facial Essence* | £59 | (I use this after cleansing) as it's softening, hydrating and plumping (plus is meant to combat the impact of pollution on the skin), but I think for the price-point, the overnight mask is a better investment.

I also tried the Rose collection. The Rose Face Mask* | £52 | contains real rose petals and has a jam-like consistency. I've been using this pretty much every other day because it's a great gentle, hydrating mask that's great for giving my complexion a boost when things are looking a bit lacklustre! It's very hydrating and calming on the skin and definitely leaves it nice and soft. It's obviously not one with super-dramatic results but I think most skin types would benefit from this and it can be used regularly. I also have the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream* | £35. I gave this face cream a go for a couple of weeks and decided it was one that's best kept for winter (though they do have a gel version, which sounds good). It has a cooling cream formula that's smooth and not heavy or greasy. It spreads across the skin with ease and is very hydrating and softening. It's probably a bit too much for my combination skin during the summer months but I do think it will be amazing when the weather gets cold and for dry skin all year round.

I always feel as though eye creams are amongst the least interesting products to talk about, however I am seriously into this one! The Lotus Eye Gel* | £40 | is perfect for me because (although I like a nice bit of hydration) I don't have a dry eye area, so I largely just want a bit of moisture and something that's refreshing. This sinks into the skin with zero excess or greasiness and has a nice cooling effect that de-puffs my eye area and makes me look way less tired in the morning!

Have you tried Fresh Beauty? If not - let me know what's on your wish list, if you have - what are your favourite products?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.

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