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A couple of weeks back I shared my High-End Beauty Discoveries and this post is its affordable equivalent. I've tried a few new brands and products that are more towards the drugstore price-point through to the mid-range end and today I'm sharing some of my favourites.

Memi Radiance Highlighter in Glow Up* | £15 | This is a new brand to me - it's essentially a purse-friendly, more premium-feel range of makeup aimed towards the younger end of the market. There were a few bits that didn't really 'wow' me (such as the powder blusher and the mascara) and a few shades that just weren't my sort of thing, however a handful of their products are really worth checking out. This is a smooth-textured everyday highlighter, that gives a natural soft-focus glow. This is a champagne colour with a slightly pink-y undertone, though I wouldn't say it's overly cool in colour. I'd recommend it for light and medium skin tones, though there's a pretty good selection of other colours if champagne shades aren't your thing.

Memi Perfecting Radiance Primer* | £16 | I think this is my favourite product that I tried from Memi - it's kind of like a mixture between Becca's Backlight Priming Filter and Marc Jacobs's Coconut Dew Drops for a fraction of the cost! It gives a subtle, luminous, pearly glow to the skin that ensures your base looks radiant even if you opt for a matte foundation. I really can't recommend it enough!

Memi Creative Control Eyeshadow Palette* | £22 | Ok, I'm pushing the definition of 'affordable' with this one, but I felt the brand as a whole fits in that category so please give me a pass! It has a similar sort of layout and feel to my beloved Stila palette but is decidedly cheaper. I do have to acknowledge, though, that the shade names are 'dying inside' cringeworthy to me. But maybe I'm just old now? Anyway, onto the product: I really like this mix of shades because there are both cool and warm tones but they feel perfectly balanced and in harmony with each other. There are enough lid shades and a good mix of mattes and shimmers, though I really could've done with a warm caramel brown crease colour! These shadows are easy to work with and I didn't have any issues with patchiness or pigmentation. You can create some lovely looks both for day and night with this selection. If I have one gripe, it's that they aren't the most long-wearing in my collection, though they're by no means the worst either.

ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Appy | $7 | I ordered a couple of these, though I'm trying not to go bezerk with ColourPop's regular new launches! The standout shade has to be this warm peachy-brown nude. It's just the perfect 'totally nude' shade for me and if I want it to be a little darker then I pair it with a brown lip pencil like MAC Spice. The formula is creamy and very opaque, leaving a slight sheen on the lips. It does transfer a little but wears surprisingly well for this sort of finish.

Nalm Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rosewood* | £12 | I hadn't come across this brand before but I was kindly sent a few of their liquid lipsticks to try (unfortunately Purple Rain was a bit cool for me and Peach too light) and the shade I've been loving is Rosewood. This has an opaque, totally matte formula. It's not drying as such, so doesn't cling to dry patches or make my lips look weird and wrinkly but I do moisturise my lips well before apply. It's nice and long-lasting too - it even survived a greasy pizza relatively unscathed! Rosewood is a warm dusky pink-mauve sort of shade. I used to wear these colours all the time and I've recently rediscovered them! It's the perfect shade if you want something more than a nude but less bold than a colour.

Zoeva Pure Matte Lips in About Turn* | £9.50 | I was actually sent a bundle of these, which I posted on Instagram. This orange-red colour called out to me above all of the others! It's quite an autumnal colour, admittedly, but these are the only kinds of red lips I can really wear. The formula is pretty amazing - it kind of doesn't set down to that slightly-drying feeling but at the same time it's long-lasting, doesn't transfer too much and gives a totally matte finish. It's just so comfortable to wear!

Zoeva Graphic Lips in Stumbling Grace* | £5.50 | Along with the liquid lipsticks, there are a bunch of new lip liners to go along with them. I love my browny, peachy, sandy nude lip colours and this is the perfect companion to it. The formula is creamy but long-lasting and prevents my lipstick bleeding whilst giving my lips some definition.

Biore Baking Soda Blemish Cleansing Foam* | £5.99 | I tried a few things from Biore like their famous pore strips and their heating mask, however in all honesty I've tried very similar products from other brands. However this cleansing foam stood out to me as something different. It's foaming but it comes out as a foam, as opposed to being a gel and then soaping up. It refreshes, softens and cleanses my skin in the morning and has really helped keep the breakouts at bay! All for £5.99...

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo* & Conditioner* | £10.99 each | I've been wanting to try this brand for ages, having seen it many times in Boots, but I couldn't justify buying more hair products when I already have so many! I was actually kindly sent this duo over to try and really liked it. Of course the products smell amazing and the the ingredients are nice and natural. The shampoo is lovely - it's obviously a hydrating product but it feels fresh and lightweight, locking in the moisture when I wash my hair without weighing it down. When I first tried the conditioner (this pump is really handy but the shampoo could do with one too!) I wasn't sure how much to use. I tried not to go overboard and it still worked really nicely. The next time I applied more product and it still didn't leave my hair heavy or greasy. It moisturises my hair whilst still feeling nice and fresh, as the texture isn't thick at all but it still does the job!

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand* | £34.99 | Obviously this is more of an investment in your hair routine but I think it's such a great price for this type of product! I love the design of this styling wand with its iridescent rainbow finish. You simply wrap each piece of hair around the wand, hold for a few seconds and release to get gorgeous spiral curls. The shape of this means you get a really pretty curl (not dated ringlets or anything like that!) and you can get a tighter curl with smaller pieces of hair or use larger partitions for something softer. My one criticism is that something like this won't really work if you want to, say, straighten the front of your hair because that would mean using two different heat stylers (and who really has time for that?!) However for people with naturally straight hair it will be perfect. I do think the style holds really nicely throughout the day and it doesn't frazzle my hair at all.

Have you discovered any good, affordable products recently?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.


  1. The Memi primer looks and sounds fab! I haven't heard of this brand before! xx

    Beautylymin| SummerBodyPrepBundleGiveaway

  2. That wand looks amazing I love that they had it in this gorgeous purple.

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. Never heard of Memi before, but the eyeshadow palette looks really good! :)

  4. That face wash sounds great! I like switching up my skincare for summer to products that are a little more about blemish control, and this sounds perfect. Thanks!
    Hope you have a wonderful day,

  5. I have wanted the Biore wash for quite a while now! I haven't heard of Memi before, but will check them out.


  6. Your blog is absolutely amazing...
    I love the design and everything you write is just super entertaining and interesting.
    You are so gorgeous, baby.
    Keep up an amazing job <3


  7. That eyeshadow palette looks stunning!

    <a href="https://abzfabz.blogspot.co.uk”>abzfabz.blogspot.co.uk3</a>

  8. This is a great selection! I immediately gravitated towards the radiance primer, looks like it would be a beautiful base for me! :)

    Coveted Beauty

  9. I've been wanting to try the shampoo and conditioner for ages as well! they sound great


  10. thanks for sharing! i have used the Shea Moisture before =)
    Lesley Kim

    New post

  11. The packaging from the eyeshadow palette looks just like Tarte. Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  12. I might have to try out that curling wand. I have been using one from Nume and it just doesn't seem to make long lasting curls!

    Danielle xx

  13. ....BAKING SODA!! :o im sorry but baking soda should only be used in either cakes or using it clean your kitchen never your face! :O


  14. It's well worth checking out :) x

  15. They're both brands that don't get lots of buzz but are definitely worth a look! x

  16. So glad I finally gave this brand a go :) x

  17. The layout is very similar - also to the Stila x

  18. This all looks so great! I want to try them all


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