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As I post quite a lot of beauty storage photos over on my Instagram feed, I thought it was about time to do a roundup of my favourite ways to store products, as well as a few tips and hacks! I hope you enjoy and this post helps you figure out the best way to store your collection depending on what you have and the space you've got to work with.

There are lots of ways to store the beauty bits you need to have on hand - I personally love this empty candle jar. It was heartbreaking to finish off my very expensive Diptyque candle but I feel a little better about that having now repurposed it! I've popped my tweezers on the rim and some Invisibobbles, a BeautyBlender and lash curlers inside. The little pot I use as brush holder is from H&M but sadly doesn't look to be available any more! You can get something similar here though. I also like to use mugs - I have quite a lot of liquid lipstick so it's easier for me to keep my favourites on my dressing table instead of hidden in the bottom of a drawer. I have an Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug | £10 | and the beautiful beauty product themed Black & White Shelf Mug | £12.

My favourite way of storing my skincare is using this Amazon Rotating Organiser | £21.99. You can definitely use this for makeup too but I personally think that can be a little bit unstable as I did have a palette fall off it once when I was spinning it around a bit too enthusiastically! When you build it, you can choose the size of each of the compartments and there are removable inserts on the top for you to slot products in (I tend to keep lip balms, nail polishes and hand creams up there). I keep this on my dressing table so I can quickly and easily grab my everyday skincare products and any fragrances and body oils I have on it. It does take a bit of space up width-wise but for me it was worth the sacrifice because you can store so much on this in a way that's accessible and it's the best use of the space I have.

I also have the Spence and I 3 Panel Folding Mirror* | £24.99. I think this is great because you can fold it away to save space but when you unfurl it, you get multiple angle view to really see what you're doing. This also lights up (you can either use batteries or use the USB port to plug it into the mains) and the lighting is nice and white so it doesn't give a misleading view of how you look. The light can also be dimmed if needed.

Finally, of course I love my Muji storage! I have several of both the 5-Drawer | £34.95 | and 2-Drawer | £24.95 | versions. I originally picked up the 5-drawer edition, which I think is fine for makeup beginners who just want one storage unit for all of their things, however the drawers aren't that deep, making it difficult for me to store some of my products (foundation bottles don't tend to fit in here, though tubes are fine). If I could start again, I'd have exclusively bought the deeper 2-drawer sets because they're so much more practical to me - there's enough space even to stack up two compacts on top of each other.

I personally like to keep my everyday products out on my dressing table, stored in these sorts of acrylic units. For skincare, I keep everything on here that I want to use up, with backups stowed away in my drawers (and of course cleansers, masks and so on in my bathroom). For makeup I store my pretty products in the Muji units, keeping my everyday makeup in a set of two drawers, with everything else away in my dressing table drawers. I then switch this up every week to ensure I'm using my entire collection.

How do you store your everyday products?

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  1. I need that rotating organiser!! So nice to have everything displayed!! x

  2. I love when makeup storage organizers are clear! You can see what is inside and you can decide faster what you want to use.... xoxo


  3. That muji storage sounds great. We recently moved and now my bathroom drawers are a different width and my old makeup storage using working anymore - these look perfect. Thanks! xAllie

  4. OOoo it all looks so good! I keep mine in my unit in the bathroom now, I'm lucky to have a lot of bathroom storage! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. The folding mirror looks so cool! I seriously need to get more makeup drawers.

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  6. I love using mugs and empty candle jars for storing my brushes, eyeliners or lip pencils. Love your post (:

  7. Your beauty storage is so neat! I've got my stuff all over the place, but because I've been moving every single year these past three years, I've put off buying proper storage. I'll probably get some acrylic storage as it's the most convenient I think. However, all my everyday beauty products are always in a makeup bag on my desk - it makes my mornings fuss-free!

    Julia x
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  8. My main storage is Muji but for brushes and eye products I love to use old candles or mugs. Sometimes I use trays too to stand up tall products on, they work particularly well for perfumes!

    Jasmine xx

  9. Happy Monday, beauty.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post.
    As always, it is very useful, entertaining and surely super interesting.
    You inspire me every day!
    Keep up an amazing job.


  10. You don't realise how long I've waited for you to do a blog post like this ever since you uploaded that insta story of the rotating organizer from Amazon. I have been wanting it ever since. That fold in mirror is soo fancy, love how you can adjust the lighting on it as well!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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