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I was recently treated to the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Facial* at their Spa Boutique in Covent Garden, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the experience. However I realise that not all of you can get down to London and many of you might not even have a Caudalie Spa Boutique in your country, so I have the products they used on me here to review so you can give yourself an at-home radiance-boosting facial.

My visit to the Caudalie Spa

I was really kindly gifted a voucher to use at the Caudalie Boutique Spa near Covent Garden in London so just before I moved house, I popped over for the afternoon. It was exactly what I needed given that I’d had a really stressful week and moving house is always a bit of an inconvenience with landlords to juggle and stuff to move! It’s nestled away from the main shops down a little street of boutiques. Upstairs you have every single Caudalie product in existence! I thought I’d tried most of their range but it turns out I’d barely scratched the surface. Obviously after my facial I went back up there to purchase a few things because it’s 10% off everything if you’ve used the spa. I got both of the cleansers I talk about below but also the amazing Lip Conditioner (review here) and a mini of the beautiful Hand and Nail Cream (review here).

Onto the facial itself; the spa room is so calm and relaxing and I had a nice detox tea before we started. I had the Vinoperfect Radiance treatment, which was perfect for me as my skin gets so dull and lifeless and especially for this time of year, I really like a healthy look. It was great to totally switch off and have my skin looked after for me in the process. The effects were pretty immediate - my skin was so clear, fresh and radiant - and I noticed the next day that my makeup looked so much better. The overall texture and quality of my skin was improved and everything just looked smoother and felt softer.

Products to use

If you want to put together this routine for yourself to get radiant skin at home then these are the products to use! I've reviewed all the ones I own and the ones not pictured are products I don't have, so I'll just let you know what my impression of them was from the facial.

Gentle Cleansing Milk | £15 (for full size) | Of course the first step has to be removing your makeup and this is a really nice, lightweight product. Though it isn't what I'd reach for after a night out full of mascara and black liner, it's a really lovely product for day-to-day use. It's very moisturising so can also be used as a morning or second cleanser.

Instant Foaming Cleanser | £15 (for full size) | This is pretty much all I use when I'm away because it's so handy to travel with. It's a foam cleanser that leaves my skin completely clean without stripping it. It's both refreshing and moisturising on the skin. This was used as a second cleanser during the facial and I love it for the mornings.

Grape Water | £6 | I pretty much always tone with a facial mist and I actually love this more than the Beauty Elixir this brand is famous for! It's a simple product as it's 100% grape water but it's refreshing and so lightweight and hydrating.

Glycolic Peel Mask* | £22 | The main treatment used during the facial was the Glycolic Peel Mask. If you're unfamiliar with AHA-based products, the general idea is that they act as acid exfoliants. They remove any dead skin cells, sorting out any dry patches and revealing the fresh, radiant skin beneath and also help to fade any old blemish scars or hyper-pigmentation. I love this product because it's gentle and cream-based but is so effective.

Beauty Elixir | £12 | Of course the legendary Beauty Elixir was used on me during the facial to wake me back up after the face mask. This smells minty and really relaxing but also quite invigorating on the skin at the same time. The ingredients include the amazingly moisturising and radiance-boosting grape water (a common ingredient in most Caudalie products) and energising rosemary. 

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (not pictured) | £45 | I can't say too much on this product because I don't own it but I was impressed with the final results. This serum is aimed at correcting dark spots and boosting the skin's radiance.

Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil (not pictured) | £30 | This was mixed in with our next product for the facial but I don't actually have this one. It contains antioxidants to renew the skin's cells, and again make it look more radiant and healthy.

Vinosource Night Recovery Oil* | £26 | This is one of my favourite overnight oils; it's so underrated and is at such a great price-point for this sort of product and for a decent-sized bottle. This just really hydrates the skin, making it smooth and plumping out any fine lines. It's a great idea to use something like this after a fairly intensive treatment like a glycolic mask because it really locks the moisture back into the skin and ensures it's nice and soothed. 

How do you like to get radiant skin?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own. 


  1. The Night Recovery Oil sounds lovely, I like the sound of this as I love products that work overnight!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I love the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum! I have been using it on and off for years whenever I feel my skin is dull and uneven. I'm surprised they skipped moisturizer and went straight into a facial oil. I wonder if that's the secret to radiant skin for oily/combination people.

    1. Yeah I never really use a moisturiser if I have an oil as they tend not to mix well! xx

  3. The beauty elixir sounds so nice, will have to look into this brand!

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I love Caudalie! One of my favourite skincare brands for sure :)

    xo, Liz

  5. I've got my eye on so many Caudalie products at the moment. I personally don't see the hype behind the Beauty Elixir after buying the travel size a couple of years back, but I've recently tried a few samples of other products and they've been fab. I've just bought a mask trial set from Feel Unique, and I'm excited to try the Glycolic Peel Mask!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  6. I have never tried a caudalie product but I'll have to give it a go! I love the look of the bottles too - I love when a brand spends a lot of time working on their packaging!

    Rachael xox

  7. I have this mask and I love it so much! It definitely adds a really nice glow to my face after I've used it. I must try more bits from Caudalie!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

  8. This sounds like a really lovely pampering treat! I must try that Glycolic Mask - Sal recommended it to me too xx


    1. It's definitely the best more gentle version of this product around :) xx

  9. This sounds like a lovely experience! I really enjoy Caudalie products and just finished up a sample of the vinoperfect serum so will have to look at getting a full size!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  10. The glycolic peel mask sounds great, I've never heard of any of these products before !


  11. What a great opportunity! Glad you had fun :)


  12. I could do with a lovely pampering session like this in the middle of the city yet somehow away from all the stress and hubbub!!! I love the Glycolic Peel and use it when I need to instantly brighten my skin. Grape Water is one I have to try xxx

    1. All of the grape water products are so hydrating! xx

  13. Thank you for your comments :) xx

  14. Thanks so much for this review I've been wanting to try Caudalie products for awhile and I'm never sure what products to try but these reviews have really helped ! Might even take a cheeky trip to London to the spa ! Kali Filsell


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