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Which products make it into your hand luggage kind of depends on what sort of flight you're going on: short break or long-haul, morning or evening, cabin luggage only or hold  luggage and so on. However I've tried to cover all the bases in this post in terms of beauty!


Goodall Waterest Lotus Water Cleansing Tissues* | $7 | Unlike some, I don't think face wipes are the work of the devil. They aren't a part of my everyday routine but they have their place in the beauty world and on a flight is a prime example! If you're flying in the evening and want to take off the makeup you were wearing during the day to have a nap or you just want to freshen up on arrival, it's not exactly practical to get out the micellar water! Plus, as a beauty addict, having one less liquid makes way for more vital products. These have enough moisture to actually be effective on makeup (I hate the feeling of dragging some dry wipe across my face... *shudders*) and they're very gentle on my sensitive eyes. Plus the pack is absolutely tiny so perfect if you need to save some space in your hand luggage (unfortunately I couldn't find these anywhere for my post but check out my review here!)

Dr Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution | $6 | Not gonna lie - you will look totally nuts but you might want to consider a sheet mask if you're flying long-haul. I picked up a fair few of these in Sephora and I really rate this one in particular. It's incredibly cooling, soothing and hydrating, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I just leave it on until it's dried out - you can even take a nap in it! My one negative would be that I find the fit of this brand's masks to be really bad but I can work with it after a bit of 'customisation'...

Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com | $12 | UK shipping | This is a fab little product - though I use it primarily as a lip balm, it's a universal salve so can be used to clear up any dry patches (which you might get on long-haul flights because of the conditioned air). It's so moisturising and isn't at all thick, leaving my lips feeling nice and smooth.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream (30ml) | £4.56 | This is actually out of stock individually so I've linked the duo you can get it in with the AMAZING lip conditioner for £8. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this because it's such a beautiful cream - it smells amazing and slightly fruity and moisturises my hands without being at all thick or greasy. My hands are permanently dry so whatever I'm doing, I always have some cream in my bag because I can't stand that tight-skin feeling!


This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball | £8.50 (for a travel duo) | If you need to get some rest on your flight then come armed with earplugs, a neck cushion, an eye mask and this! I just roll some onto the pulse points of my neck and inner wrists and it has a subtle lavender and camomile scent that helps me unwind.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir | £12 | I feel like this product inspires a lot of debate! But personally I don't see the problem if you don't spray it when you're near people (so wait for them to leave their seat or take it with you when you go to the loo). I've never thought this was the most amazing skincare product but to me the minty-fruity scent of this face mist is both refreshing and calming. I'm such a nervous flyer that I need all the help I can get!


Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser* | £4.49 | This is definitely one of the nicest-smelling hand sanitisers I've tried because it's not at all chemical-scented (probably due to its organic ingredients). What I think is great about this is that it comes in spray form, meaning that you can spritz it onto a tissue to wipe down anything you need to (like the toilet flush, your pull-down tray etc.) as well as using it on your hands. It also has a lavender fragrance so you can even use this as a pillow mist if you need to cut back on the liquids and can't take something like the This Works rollerball.

Sephora Deodorant Wipes | €3.95 | I picked these up in the Czech Republic as I though they'd be so handy; the pack is tiny and it means you can freshen up quickly and easily when you can't have an aerosol deodorant with you. Again, it also reduces the number of liquids you are carrying, as you can have these on the flight instead of a rollerball. They smell nice and fresh and do the job.

Pack of 3 Black Invisibobbles | £4.75 | I don't know what I did before these were a thing! An Invisibobble is a plastic, stretchy, traceless ring that allows you to tie up your hair with minimal damage and without leaving a kink in your hair. They're perfect for when you're travelling and you want to sleep or your hair is just a bit in the way. It also means that you can take your hair out when you land and give it a bit of a shake, then you're good to go without having to style it all over again.


Blank Canvas Cosmetics Travel Brush Set* | £42.82 | I really like this set because the brushes are of the same quality as the full-sized ones but just with shorter handles, making them perfect for travel (especially if you only have cabin luggage!) There's a brush for powder, foundation, concealer, blusher/bronzer, eyeshadow and your lips or eyeliner. They're all soft synthetic brushes, making them easy to clean and they don't shed. If I'm going to be putting on my makeup then I do just find it less messy to use brushes. Obviously not everyone will do their makeup on a plane but I often fly early morning and sleep a bit on the way, meaning I want to be ready to head straight out when I land and have dumped my stuff. It's also just a nice distraction for those of us who don't like to fly!

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (St Mortiz) | £30 | review | This is one of my favourite bases but it's also great because it's hydrating and contains SPF, so I can just slap it on and it will make my skin look radiant and healthy. It's lightweight but evens out the skin tone beautifully. 

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Ginger) | £23 |  review | In terms of a bit of concealer; I find this so easy to apply. It's very natural-looking on the skin but still gives a good medium-full coverage. You can apply this with a flat brush (like the one from the Blank Canvas set) or just your fingers.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | £7.99 | This is my favourite mascara so it's obviously the one I pack to go away with. A quick coat of this makes such a difference to my lashes and makes me look a lot more put-together within a few seconds. It gives amazing length and curl as well as volume without the clumps.

Bite Beauty Multistick in Brioche | $24 | review | A product like this is so handy when you just want one product to give your face a bit of colour with a few swipes and a bit of dabbing. I blend this out on my cheeks and apply it directly to my lips (it has a matte finish so isn't at all greasy). The shade itself is hard to describe; it's almost a muted plum-brown. 

Glossier Boy Brow (Brown) | $16 | UK shipping | For me, brows are an essential and this is my current favourite 'quick and easy' product to use in mine. It isn't at all crispy or thick in texture, it just gives a natural tint, a bit of hold and some volume to my brows.

Image Details:
Eye Mask from the Garland Beauty In Flight Kit* (£24, buy here)
Travel Pillow from Primark (£4)
Glossier Pouch ($12 for 3, buy here)
Seophora Travel Pouch (only available with purchase of travel minis)
Alphabet Bags Wanderlust Extra Large Pouch (£22, buy here)

Which beauty products make it into your hand luggage when you fly?

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  1. Had no idea Dr Bonners did hand sanitiser, love the fact it's a spray too, will definitely be needing to check that out as I always carry hand sanitiser!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I always keep a relaxing rollerball in my bag too! Never know when you might need it :)


  3. I've never thought about using a sheet mask on a flight! Great idea to keep hydrated even if it means looking crazy haha


    1. Haha well why not take advantage of having the time to do it in? xx

  4. the sheet mask idea is so good! But I might feel like a weirdo. anything is worth it for good skin tho, right? haha!

    Kallie | butfirstcoffeeblog.com

  5. I'm a massive fan of the Dr Jart masks but totally agree with you on the fit. thanks fro the recommendations Jasmine!

    Abigail Alice 💕

  6. Lovely selection! I love having the Sephora Deodorant wipes everywhere I go, you never know when you might need them!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  7. I feel like hairbands are those one things I always forget when I go on a flight :P

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  8. I've yet to have the guts to wear a sheet mask during travel, but I'm tempted! I'm also a big fan of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir- so soothing :)



  9. I've always wanted to use a face mask while on a flight but I'm actually terrified of doing it in public hahah. I love the idea of the deodorant wipes!


    1. Haha if I was in Business or First Class I totally would ;) xx

  10. There are some great must have products here, thank you for sharing this makes me really excited about my holiday!

    Lauren x Huggled

  11. The Caudalie spray is so lovey, so fine and smells wonderful. I want to try more Glossier!

    The Bookworm Beauty

  12. Fabulous post. I love Blank Canvas Cosmetics too. I really love sound of Nars tinted moisturiser and seeing price on ur post i quickly wanted to order one but i think that's typo Jasmine. Great guide for travelling light. Might come handy next month as I am travelling to Spain.

    Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  13. I always carry with me a small packet of face wipes, a moisturiser and hand sanitiser, as long as I have them things, I am good!

    Danielle xx

  14. That calming rollerball sounds great!


  15. Oh my gosh these deodorant wipes sound perfect!

    Tia | The 10am Blog

  16. Love your product suggestions - I find packing so stressful when it's hand luggage only - it's impossible to get everything into one of those little clear bags!

    Gemma x | flutterandsparkle.com

    1. I know right?! There's always this moment of bated breath when you have to try and cram it all in haha xx

  17. I love not having to wait at the bag carousel but I hate having to narrow down my makeup & skincare to hand luggage - I use Hubbys allowance too! xx


  18. Thank you for your comments - I hope this post comes in handy for you guys :) xx

  19. Great suggestions, as always! I always make sure I have something super moisturizing in my carry-on, since airplane air is SO dry. I love the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for my lips!
    { Katie Actually }


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