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To say my life has got busier would be an understatement! Between work and my boyfriend I'm travelling somewhere or other at least once a week. As much as I enjoy my morning beauty routine, sometimes it's all about speed and convenience, as well as being able to touch up throughout the day. So, I thought I'd share my favourite products and tips for when you're on the go.

Tinted Moisturiser

If you don't have time to mess around with brushes or applying multiple products then you need a tinted moisturiser on hand. My base is the one thing I wouldn't think 'I'll just throw that in my bag and slap it on later' about. With a tinted moisturiser I can apply it in seconds and my skin is both hydrated and has some coverage.

I love this tinted moisturiser as it's hydrating without looking too 'wet' on the skin. It also provides a really nice level of coverage so once you add in concealer, no one will ever know it was a 30-second job! It's long-wearing and comes in probably the best shade selection I've come across in this type of product. It also comes in a squeezy tube so it's very easy to throw in my handbag if I have to.

Highlighter-Concealer Hybrid

These are amazing for touch-ups throughout the day as they're brightening and give a bit of extra coverage under the eyes, which is always necessary for me as my eye area can get a little oily and so my concealer can disappear quickly! It's also great if you think you're just looking a bit tired or lacklustre as the highlight really perks up the eye area.

I think this is definitely one of the best coverage options in this type of product. I probably wouldn't use it on its own in the morning but for an easy mid-afternoon touch up it's perfect. It can be blended in seconds for an immediate eye refresh. Shade 3 is perfect for me as it's brightening but not so much lighter than my face that it looks 'off'. There's also an eye cream on the other end, which is always handy. This is a bit pricey for what it is and though it isn't as good coverage and doesn't come in as many shades, I do like the L'Oreal Lumi Magique as a drugstore alternative. 

Traceless Face Powder

Maybe this is more essential for the shiny-faced amongst us but I always have a face powder in my handbag. For me it's really important to have one that will eliminate shine without being cakey or leaving my face looking flat and powdery.

This is my all-time favourite face powder as it does exactly what I just described! It has a bit of coverage but nothing too much and it doesn't matter how quickly you apply it or how many re-applications you do throughout the day, it will never leave you thinking 'oops, went a bit overboard with the powder'. It's pretty much traceless and removes any shine without looking powdery.

Cream Eyeshadow Stick

Pretty much every work day is a cream eyeshadow day for me. With a stick formula, it's a quick swipe, 1 second of blending with your finger and you're good to go. I choose a super-pigmented, creamy formula in a multifaceted tone (so it looks like I put in more work than I did!)

My Pick: By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon | £29 | post

My favourite shade that fits the bill perfectly is By Terry's Bronze Moon. I love the neutral bronze-brown shimmer that's not too warm or too cool in tone. It stays crease free all day long and (no exaggeration!) takes about 5 seconds to apply. If you're after a budget alternative I find KIKO's 06 virtually identical in formula and colour. You could even try Maybelline's On & On Bronze, though that comes in a pot so isn't quite as handy.

Tinted Brow Gel

If you don't have time to painstakingly fill in and re-shape your eyebrows then get your hands on a tinted brow gel. With nothing on my brows they're a bit of a sorry sight but a tinted gel adds some colour, fullness and sets everything in place.

This is the first tinted brow gel I've ever loved. I don't tend to get on with the ones that have fibres as it can get a bit messy, so it's nice to have something that just adds a bit of colour and doesn't leave my brows looking or feeling crispy. I wear Indian Chocolate, which is perfect for dark brown hair.

Sheer Nude Lip Colour

When I don't have time to think about what I want to wear and if I want something I could genuinely apply without a mirror, I go for a nude sheer lip. My handbag always seems to have one or two of these floating around just in case I run out of time in the morning and forget to apply anything.

My Pick: MAC Lustre Lipstick in Jubilee | £15.50 | post

This is my classic 'my lips but better' pinky brown sheer nude. It's probably my most-worn lip colour for work days as it just goes with any look and adds a little hint of something.

Texturising Powder

Unfortunately my beloved Charles Worthington Dry Texturising Spray doesn't come in a mini size, but there are a few brands that do mini powder shakers that do the same thing. Dry shampoo is nice to refresh with but I do find it leaves more of a residue so I prefer these sorts of powders to give my roots some lift if my hair is looking a bit limp by the time the afternoon comes around.

Of course my top pick has to be this little handbag hero as it's basically the texturising spray in mini powder form (Batiste do something similar too, which is also pretty good). It's traceless in the hair so I just shake a little into my roots, give my hair a scrunch and it has so much more volume.

What are your favourite on-the-go beauty products?


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  1. Lovely picks! And lovely picture as well! I couldn't agree more with your tips! I will definitely put into practice the Highlighter-concealer hybrid which I've never thought about but it is clever, especially for somebody like me, whose eyes tend to look tired very easily throughout the day!


  2. I couldn't agree more with the Cream Eye shadow for work! So quick and easy! I always carry my powder because I have such oily skin! Xx


  3. I agree with the brow gel and that is the thing that I will use most days as I can't be bothered to fill them in all the time. Also agree with the tinted base instead of foundation. Great post!

    Pams Stuff and Things

  4. Great post - I definitely want to try the Nars tinted moisturiser x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  5. Great post. Lately I`ve been working more hours, so before work I need to write my posts and sometimes I don`t have a lot of time to get ready. I`ve been looking for a tinted moisturiser with good coverge, I`ll check the Nars one out.


    1. The coverage is amazing but still looks just like skin! xx

  6. Oo you've mentioned so many gorgeous items! I really want to get hold of a nice tinted moisturiser so I might give the Nars one a try!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  7. ahh i really want to try the nars tinted moisturiser
    great photo by the way x


  8. I love cream eyeshadows for busy days too, they are so easy!

    xo, Liz

  9. Definitely need more eyeshadow pencils like this for the same reason - my make up is done on the go 80% of the time these days!

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  10. Shadow sticks are amazing for on the go! I've been getting more into them lately and they're amazing!

    brooke | brooke elise

    1. They always look like you put in so much more effort than you did ;) xx

  11. I love ByTerry, all their beauty products are so beautiful and of such a high quality! Lovely read and great suggestions.

    The MAC lipstick looks beautiful :)

    Laura www.shehearts.net xx

  12. Jubilee looks pretty! I always need a nude lipstick I don't have to use a mirror to apply when I'm on the go! Soap and Glory's Kick Ass concealer would be my top on the go pick!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  13. I always take a powder and whatever lipstick I'm wearing that day out with me!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  14. Tinted moisturisers and cream eyeshadow sticks are my on the go products, everything gets easier with them! x


  15. I need to start carrying some face powders around with me too, I have oily skin and sometimes the blotting papers don't work well enough.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

    1. It's always great to have in your bag just in case :) xx

  16. Lovely post, I love all your picks and you've made me add a few onto my ever growing wish list, especially the CT Mini Eye Wand, it sounds fab. So pleased I've come across your blog, your photography is amazing... New follower

    Danielle x

    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  17. I really wish I had the complexion for the tinted moisturiser, always love the simplicity of it. Keep meaning to try the Bourjois powders xx

    Tamz || www.throughneweyesx.com

  18. I would love to try out the NARS tinted moisturiser it seems like a great quick fix. Fab post Jasmine!

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  19. Great picks for a quick morning makeup :) I agree that a tinted moisturiser, tinted brow gel are a life savers when you have literally 5 minutes to get ready :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  20. Tinted moisturisers are my absolute go to base for everyday. My favourite one at the moment is the bareminerals complexion rescue. Such a good product. Also love eyeshadow sticks for a quick makeup and on the go touch up. Misty Rock is one of my faves. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  21. NARS Tinted Moisturiser has become a firm favourite in my makeup collection, it's such a great speedy option. I also swear by a tinted brow gel with my fave being Benefit Gimme Brow x

    Beauty with charm

  22. Amazing post! I've had my eye on that bourjois powder for ages, i think you've convinced me to finally get it.


  23. I always carry around the Bourjois powder because the packaging is so slim!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  24. Lovely picks! I have such a collection my bag is just full of make up when I go out! I need to get it down to yours!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  25. Great picks! I absolutely love your bag too, its beautiful!


    1. Thank you, it was quite affordable from Accessorize! xx

  26. Oh my goodness, I understand what you mean about being crazy busy. My life seems so hectic at this moment I need all the long wear and on the go makeup as possible. I feel like I am just at home to sleep and get ready for more work. There have been a lot of "fresh faces" as of late. haha

  27. Tinted moisturizer is one of my favorite beauty products. It's just so effective & useful. I haven't tried any from Nars, but hey. It's worth a shot! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  28. lovely selection !! I understand why you love those produtcs and the had bag is so gorgeous :)


  29. Fab suggestions!! The NARS tinted moisturiser is my favourite, I also love the Bourjois healthy mix foundation so I'm keen to give the healthy balance powder a try!

    Toni x

  30. Thank you for all your comments :) xx

  31. Really nice compact collection with some of my favourites especially the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon. Meanwhile, I like the bag. Where is it from please? Thanks for sharing...xx

  32. That bag is cute! I love cream shadows for on the go as well.


  33. Gorgeous photo! I need to swatch MAC Jubilee, it looks right up my alley. Love your picks too, especially the NARS tinted moisturiser and the Bourjois powder :) xx

  34. Ok, so I know this post is about beauty, but that handbag is GORGEOUS!!

  35. I will have to try that NARS tinted moisturizer, the weather here it's not good for wet stuff, new reader here!



  36. I would love to wear a tinted moisturiser but I don't think I have good enough skin for it. Really want to try it out though. I like the idea of the powder rather than a dry shampoo, sometimes a dry shampoo ruins my hair and makes it worse! My hair always needs a lift in the afternoon xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com


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