3 Brands to Try from Cult Beauty

Cult Beauty is a must-visit site in my opinion as they stock so many brands that are awkward to get hold of in the UK. This makes it the perfect place to make random discoveries and try products you may not have otherwise. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the brands I’ve discovered through Cult Beauty and some of my favourite products from them! This time I'm focussing on skin but let me know if you enjoy this and I may follow it up.


Oxgenetix is a brand originally created for doctors. It’s focussed on creating base products that double up as skincare. The aim is not only to provide complete but lightweight coverage without any irritation but also to diminish scarring and hydrate the skin. The packaging is very basic for the price but I do hear this is being updated as we speak!

My Top Pick from Oxygenetix

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation* | £45

This is what I like to call a 'natural skin' foundation; it's not dewy and it's not matte. I have combination skin and this works really well for me as it's non-drying, hydrating but not wet-looking. The shade Walnut is a pretty good match for me. It looks and feels so natural and breathable on the skin. It's billed as a sort of '2 in 1' skincare and makeup product. I tend to reach for this if my skin is acting up or I've been eating a little unhealthily or drinking a bit much and my skin is feeling tired, dehydrated and blemish-prone as a result. It evens out my skin and offers good coverage whilst feeling extremely lightweight. It doesn't clog my pores or break me out so if your skin is prone to reactions then this is a sound investment. 


This has to be hands down one of my favourite skincare brands when it comes to treatments and cleansers because they’ve never once disappointed me. Despite the more high-end price, again the packaging is more functional than luxury but it’s very practical and hygienic. Plus, you can always see how much you have left! REN is a British brand built around the concept of clean skincare using only 100% plant and mineral derived actives.

My Top Picks from REN

This is my absolute favourite morning/second cleanser of any that I’ve tried since starting this blog. My skin is definitely combination and whilst it’s prone to patches of oiliness and blemishes, it also gets quite dehydrated. This is the perfect formula for combating my skin concerns and restoring some balance to my skin. I love the clay-based formula as it leaves my skin feeling clean but not squeaky clean or stripped. It’s not too harsh but still makes my skin feel fresh whilst hugely improving the look of existing blemishes and preventing new ones forming. I also just love the feel and natural fragrance of this.

My other major concern is that my skin is prone to looking dull and lifeless. This mask is one of those magical AHA formulas that seem to bring my skin to life. I use this for around 10 minutes once a week. It’s a sort of marmalade-consistency formula that smells quite fruity. I just apply a thin layer and rinse it off once the time is up. There’s such an immediate, noticeable difference, it’s really quite incredible. My skin looks glowing, healthy and fresher when I use this.

You can read about the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial here and I will be posting on Wake Wonderful soon.

Pixi Beauty

Pixi Beauty is a skincare and makeup brand founded by Swedish-born Petra Strand. It was initially only really available in the London boutique near Carnaby Street but you can now pick it up in Liberty and very recently it’s been rolled out to Marks and Spencer stores nationwide. Us non-Londoners can also order directly from the Pixi website and there’s a limited range of their products on Cult Beauty, ASOS, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic. In terms of price, I find Pixi to be a true mid-range brand (which are hard to come by!) I think the packaging makes it seem cheaper and more teenager-y than Pixi really is, though I do like the little rose gold details. Whilst I find the makeup can be a little hit-and-miss, I’m a very big fan of the skincare products I’ve tried from them so far.

My Top Picks from Pixi Beauty

Glow Tonic | £18

Probably the product you’ve heard about! I didn’t pick this up until over Summer as I was never entirely clear on what it did. Essentially this is an acid toner – a little like a less-concentrated liquid equivalent to the REN mask I was just talking about. It’s gentle enough for daily use, though I use it 3-4 times a week. It’s orange in colour and like many AHAs has a fruity scent. I’m a big fan of this as it not only gives me an instant boost of radiance but it’s really helped to fade some old blemish scars I’ve been struggling with.

This is a pretty new purchase but I’ll be posting about it soon! It’s essentially a companion product to the Glow Tonic and also contains 5% glycolic acid. So far though I love the consistency of this on the skin and how clean it makes my face feel without any foaming. It’s really nicely hydrating too and once rinsed off you can see an immediate improvement to the look of my skin. It looks so much more vibrant, even though this is such a gentle product.

The Mattelustre Lipstick in Bitten Rose and Glow Serum are new additions so I'll be posting on those soon.

Which brands have you discovered through Cult Beauty?


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  1. I had a sample of the Ren Radiance Renewal mask and loved it! I also love the Pixi Glow Toner as they are both amazing products for helping make my skin less dull! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

    1. Two of my all-time favourite products for that exact reason :) xx

  2. Cult Beauty is such a fab website, they have so many great brands, I really want to try Pixi beauty, the Glow Tonic and Mud Mask sound lovely!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.com

  3. I really need to buy a full size of Glow Tonic, and I think I'll pick up the Glow Mud Cleanser when I do, as well - they sound like the perfect pairing!

    Jess xo

  4. You keep making me want to try the Glow Tonic even more, I've spotted it on ASOS and I don't think I can wait until pay day!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  5. I adore REN and Pixi, I haven't tried anything from Oxygenetix though, I must check them out!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  6. The Glow Tonic from PIXI sounds great, I know you've been speaking about it quite a lot! Also REN is still on my skincare wishlist! Also I'm running a giveaway I thought you would be interested! xx

    http://www.thegirlfromthenorth.com/ | Enter My Giveaway Here

  7. Ahh, I love the Ren cleanser! They're a fab brand. Pixi is totally next on my list of brand to investigate, I've genuinely heard nothing but great things about them, and the prices seem really reasonable :)

    Misia xx | gowashyourface.com

  8. I'm really interesting in trying that REN cleanser and the Glow Tonic from Pixi, anything that can help fade my acne scars sounds like heaven to me.


  9. I love Cult Beauty! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new Pixi products! xx


  10. I would love to try some of the new products from Pixi, the Cleanser and Serum sound interesting! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  11. Ahh, I have just discovered Cult Beauty and I absolutely love it :)

    Lee | thatbelllemakeupp.squarespace.com

  12. I have been dying to try out some of the Pixi products but didn't really know where to start. I do love the sound of the Mud Cleanser x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

  13. I love Ren and really need to try Pixi's products, especially the Glow Tonic. Now that it's also available in M&S I may finally buy it. xx

    Renata | Diorshow Mascara Giveaway

  14. I still need to pick up the Pixi Glow Tonic. I've heard so many great things about it so it's probably about time I jumped on the bandwagon!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  15. Now that Glow Tonic is available at M&S I can't wait to add it to my Christmas list - free delivery to the store :) I've tried a few REN products in the past and loved them but I haven't heard of the other brand - i'll go check the out!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  16. Love Pixi Glow Tonic and really want to try more from the brand! Cult Beauty has a great selection of brands, I love the when they do their 15% off offer!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  17. I'm off to splurge on the REN Clearcalm3 Clay cleanser now - your short description has sold me on it haha! I also want to try more from Pixi (have the Glow Tonic already) but I think I might wait to pick that up in store at my local M&S.
    Great post - it's always nice to be introduced to new gems :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  18. I really want to try these Pixi products, especially the tonic. I heard a lot about them!


  19. Really like the sound of the Ren cleanser! I've never really tried that many things from them before but I've always really liked everything I have. & I'm soo glad glow tonic is getting more accessible. Love that stuff!xx

    1. Definitely check out REN's treatments and cleansers :) xx

  20. My toner is currently running out and I definitely want to try Pixi Glow Tonic next!

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  21. The Ren bits sound like something I would like. I can spend many an hour on Cult beauty, maybe I should finally buy some stuff :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  22. Ren sounds like a good brand! My friend uses their cleansers as well and she's recommended them to me loads! Definitely need to try their products x


  23. Pixi skincare is next on my wish list & the top products you have here sound amazing x

    Beauty with charm

  24. These products seem great! Pixi Glow tonic is definitely on my list to try. I've only tried a Ren moisturizer once, maybe I'll give them another chance. Great post.

    1. I've not heard such great things about their moisturisers but their treatments and cleansers are my absolute favourite! xx

  25. To be honest, I haven't heard from this brand before, but after reading this post I would love to give it a try! The Pixi Glow Tonic sound fantastic, Jasmine! Hope you have an amazing weekend! xx

    Ale | alemint.blogspot.com.co

  26. I've heard a lot about REN so it was interesting to read your thoughts!

    Great blog!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


  27. I love Ren & Pixi. My favourites being the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and Glow Tonic. They're 2 from my regular stash!
    girlavie.com X

  28. That REN mask is a great bet for normal/dry skin types. Glycolic acid works wonders on dry skin and gets it springing back to normal in no time!


  29. I'm glad this was helpful! :) definitely check out Pixi's skincare! xx

  30. Thank you for your comments - hope this gave you a few ideas as to what to pick up next ;) xx


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