Review: Real Techniques Sets - Sam's Picks vs. Nic's Picks

I recently picked up both the Sam's Picks and Nic's Picks Real Techniques Makeup Brush Sets (£29.99 each). If you're unsure which set is for you then hopefully this post will make the decision clearer!

All Real Techniques brushes are super-soft, don't shed and, though they are suggested for different things, they can each be used for a variety of tasks.

Sam's Picks Contains ...

Left to Right:

* Multi-Task Brush
For face powder, bronzer or highlighter. You could even use it for blusher.

* Setting Brush
I use this to spot-apply powder, especially under the eyes. It also works for blusher, highlighter or contouring.

* Buffing Brush
This is probably my favourite foundation brush as you can get a streak-free finish so quickly. It's perfect for thick-consistency liquid formulas but you could also use it for face powders.

* Pointed Foundation Brush
This is the brush I use the least. It's very small to use for foundation but it could be useful to get into tricky spots. You could also use it for concealer under the eyes.

* Essential Crease Brush
Another one I love! It's just perfect for easy, smooth application of eyeshadow to the crease.

* Fine Liner Brush
I'm not sure whether I prefer this or the more conventional angled brush for cream and gel liners. The line tends to come out smoother and cleaner with this brush, but it's not as adaptable and you don't have as much control.

Nic's Picks Contains...

Left to Right:

* Duo-Fibre Face Brush
This brush honestly feels amazing! I use it for face powder, when I want it applied all over, though I can see it working for powder foundations too.

* Cheek Brush
This is perfect for a nice even blusher application. You can also use this for bronzer, highlighter and contour powder. Maybe even foundation, as it's a similar feel to the Expert Face Brush.

Angled Shadow Brush
This is lovely for blending out any harsh lines with your eyeshadow.

* Base Shadow Brush
Pretty much what it says on the tin; great for applying that all-over eyelid colour. I have also heard of people using this for concealer.

* Eyeliner Brush
I like this because it's really small so easier to do subtle movements with. A drawback of this is that, if you don't use gel or cream eyeliner and want to use it for your eyebrows, it's not quite as suited to this as a larger brush.

Final Thoughts...

* Sam's Picks contains 6 brushes, Nic's Picks contains 5 
* The brushes in Sam's Picks are a little more adaptable to different tasks
* Nic's Picks are Limited Edition so look amazing
* Sam's Picks has more face brushes whereas Nic's Picks has more eye brushes

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Which of the 2 do you have or want? :)

Jasmine x



  1. I bought a lot of Sam's picks separately, I've been wondering about whether to buy Nic's picks, I just think they're so much prettier than Sam's!

    Sammy xo.


    1. Yeah it so much depends which brushes you have already :) Nic's are gorgeous but I guess you are sort of paying for that in that you get 1 less brush for the same price x

  2. Having not bought real techniques before, I think I'd choose Sam's picks over Nic's. I've heard such such good things about the buffing brush and essential blending brush, they'd be the first I'd want to get! I do love the finish of Nic's pics though!
    RosieLM - Beauty Blog x

    1. Yes I think they're 2 of my favourite RT brushes overall. If you don't already have lots of the brushes from Sam's Picks it's probably the best 'starter kit', I think Nic's Picks is better if you already have a lot of their brushes x

  3. I have nics picks, and most of the brushes in sams, and i love them both!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Your post encouraged me to buy Nic's Picks haha. I'm glad it did though! x

  4. These sets look amazing. I really want to try Nic's picks, the Duo-Fibre face brush looks lovely.


    1. The duo-fiber face brush literally feels like your face is being caressed lol x

  5. I really want to try Nic's picks as I already have most of the ones from Sam's. The only thing that puts me off is the holographic handles, really think they don't look as nice as all the others :(


    1. :( that's a shame. They really are fab brush and a very different feel/finish than the other RT brushes x

  6. Can't lie, I definitely want them both!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. Those brushes look lovely, I need to pick some up :)

  8. I really love real techniques I think my favourite is the buffing brush x


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