November Wish List

I say this every month but October has flown by! I can't believe Christmas and 2015 are just around the corner...My December Wish List will be my Christmas one, so this is mostly stuff I'd like to buy myself for the winter months (if I can afford it after buying all my Christmas presents for everyone!)

10. River Island Camel Two-Tone Chain Trip Fedora Hat, £25

Image via: riverisland.com

I feel as though hats are one of the few things that liven up my head area, as there's not much I can do with my hair. I think this River Island fedora will go great with my current wardrobe.

Image via: maccosmetics.co.uk

I've been loving my MAC Quad but I'm thinking I'd like to upgrade to a Pro Palette and Mulch is the perfect shimmery brown (so me!)

8. Miss Selfridge Black Embellished Floppy Hat, £30

Image via: misselfridge.com

This is another thing I've been after since I discovered hats recently! I tried it on in store and totally love it.

Image via: yankeecandle.co.uk

I spotted this in the Chester Yankee Candle Store and oh my gosh it smells exactly like a bowl of chocolate cake or pudding!

Image via: riverisland.com

I've been after some sort of a cape or wrap for a while and whilst New Look have some really cute ones, I love the fur collar on this one.

5. MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl, £12.50

Image via: maccosmetics.co.uk

I'm not usually an expensive lip pencil fan (though I have begun to realise the importance of liner), however Whirl seems perfect for creating the 90s dark nude lip I'm obsessed with.

Image via: kikocosmetics.co.uk

I'm after the gold and brown neutral shades: 04 Golden Chocolate, 05 Rosy Brown, 06 Golden Brown and 07 Golden Beige. I've heard amazing things about these so I'm hoping they're a good alternative to the more expensive Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier versions. 

3. Miss Selfridge Camel Faux Fur Collar Cardigan, £39

Image via: missselfridge.com

I think this is so cute and I've not really got a cardigan that I can throw on over my autumn/winter dresses so it could be perfect.

Image via: zoeva-shop.de

I'm in loooove with this brush set it's just so beautiful. Odds of me getting this any time soon are slim, however!

1. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Syrup, £15.50

Image via: maccosmetics.co.uk

I think this lipstick is lovely, so I'll be treating myself to this on payday. Probably because it's fairly sheer I think this pinky-lilac lipstick suits almost anyone.

What do you have your eye on in the run-up to Christmas?

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  1. Replies
    1. Gorgeous, isn't it? Determined to make it mine! Xx

  2. I love the sound of that chocolate candle! I bet it smells amazing! I really like those floppy hats too, I tired one on and I fell in love but I just feel so silly wearing hats for some reason and I know I'd never wear it!



    1. Haha I completely understand that! But I feel as though pretty much anyone who can put a hat on and feel confident will look good in it :) xx

  3. Mac Mulch is so pretty! Definitely worth picking up, when you can. I also love Mac Syrup, but prefer Faux for my skin tone. That Zoeva brush set is a dream! xx

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  4. That candle sounds yummy! I really want to try the Zoeva brushes as well x


    1. They're so beautiful, I'd almost be scared to use them! xx

  5. Those Yankee chocolate candles are wonderful :) I bought a chocolate shower gel from Treacle Moon the other day, it's so lovely! That MAC lipstick is such a nice colour, I'll have to check it out :) x

  6. great list! that last lipstick looks amazing!!

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

    1. Thank you! I doubt I'll be purchasing much of it any time soon but it's nice to dream haha xx

  7. That cape is gorgeous! I've been lusting after the Zoeva brushes for so long, I might have to buy myself a christmas present! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Me too! I keep talking myself out of buying them! xx

  8. I love candles, so they are my number1, but I love that Fedora hat. It's really pretty.

  9. Love the hats!


    1. Thanks! I've always thought they looked cool but never had the balls to rock one :) x


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