Things I Loved This Week #2

Sorry this one's a little late, I've been away this weekend. So here are all the things I've enjoyed in the past week :)

In terms of beauty I've been using a lot of Makeup Revolution products this week. I've been loving the Makeup Revolution Ultra 32-Shade Palette in Flawless (£8, review coming when I have the time to swatch all of those!), and it's the only palette I took away with me. You can create so many different looks and the shades are really autumnal. I've also really liked the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray (£5); it keeps my makeup in place all day and doesn't have a dewy finish. I've really enjoyed using the Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer in Original (£2.50) this week as well, as it's so inexpensive and really makes the colours apply nicely and look more vibrant, as well as getting them to last. I was really pleasantly surprised by the e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush (£6.50) which I have in Tease. It applies so nicely as as it's cream-to-powder it won't make your face all shiny!

I've also really been enjoying using the Real Techniques Sam's Picks Set (£29.99), it has just about everything you need so it's perfect for travelling. I'll be reviewing it soon and you can enter my giveaway to win this (amongst other beauty bits) here. I'll definitely be getting my hands on the new Nic's Picks Set!

This week my favourite item of clothing has definitely been my New Look Navy and Red Short Sleeve Tunic Dress (£19.99). I think it just looks so effortlessly stylish and it was such a good bargain. It's also perfect for this sort of 'in-between-y' weather where we're not quite sure if it's the end of summer or the start of autumn.

I just finished Season 2 of Orange is the New Black and now I don't know what to do with myself! It was pretty amazing and I'd really recommend it if you have a dark sense of humour. I'm not sure what to watch next! I've seen Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and House of Cards, so if you have any recommendations for me (especially if it's on UK Netflix) please let me know in the comments!

I also saw the film The Riot Club over the weekend, which is based on a play showing a fictionalised version of Oxford's Bullingdon Club. It was a good film but it could definitely have had a little more of a political commentary, and the fact it was told from the point of view of the 'not-so-bad' club member means there's no satisfying conclusion for the people hurt by the club. Overall though it's definitely worth watching, even if the ending is fairly frustrating.

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments!

Jasmine x


  1. That dress is so nice, new look have some amazing things in this season, definitely need to go shopping there.

    The Makeup Directory

    1. They really do! I'm far preferring the cheaper end of the high street to Topshop & co at the moment :) x

  2. I really want the brush set! But I just bought some from Body Shop so I'll have to wait a bit! I love New Look at the moment, a lot of my stuff comes from there. They have some lovely dresses :)

    1. I love the Body Shop's brushes :) and New Look is probably my favourite place for clothes and shoes right now, it's so reasonably priced and to be honest I'm way preferring their new season stuff to the more expensive high street shops x

  3. I'm a big fan of cream blush as it suits me more so than powder. I would love to try that Fix Fixing Spray, I didn't know such things existed.

    1. The fixing spray is definitely worth a go for a fiver :) I'd never owned one until a couple of months ago but they really are fab if you don't like having to retouch your makeup during the day x

  4. wow the make up revolution pallete looks awesome!

  5. I am totally gonna get into Orange is the new Black - looks awesome!


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