Review: Sleek Blush in Suede

I'm a huge fan of Sleek blushers and own a fair few of their trios but wanted to try out some of the shades not included in the palettes. I chose Suede (£4.49), a subtle muted peach-tan shade and here's how I got on with it...

I picked this shade because although the colour payoff is good, it's not as bold and crazy-pigmented as a lot of Sleek blushers. I also picked it because it's a matte shade. It's something I would wear on a day-to-day basis or if I was doing really bold eyes or lips and didn't want to look too OTT.

Here are the swatches, with and without flash:

It feels really nice and satin-y and although my brush picked up quite a bit of product, it's a relatively sheer colour so don't be scared! I would say that it applies ok...I had to brush it really lightly over my cheeks to get an even finish, otherwise it would go patchy.

And this is how it looked when I wore it during the day:

I felt it lasted me the day (around 8 hours), but it did go a tiny bit patchy towards the end.

A subtle brown-toned peach

Matte finish

Colour Payoff:
It's a subtle shade but I don't find myself having to layer loads of it on

Ease of Application:
I personally struggled to get a nice even finish to begin with

I've had better, but it lasts the day, which is all I really want

Value for Money:
This is a great product, especially for just £4.49

Perfect for...
A subtle, daytime touch of colour, I think it would suit most skin tones


Which Sleek blushers do you own? :)

Jasmine x


  1. Have eyed this blush for months. It's such a pretty, natural shade.


  2. I love this shade, it's really pretty. Shame it was a bit uneven to apply, but for the price sounds good value for money!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. I love the look of this shade, may have to add this one to my collection! I love rose gold, and the trios! They are amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. This shade looks perfect for Autumn/Winter. I don't know anyone that uses sleek blushes so this has been really helpful! x

  5. I love the Sleek blushes. This shade looks really pretty but my favourite is either Rose Gold or Life's A Peach :)


    1. I love Rose Gold :) I haven't tried Life's a Peach but it looks similar to one I have in one of their trios, so it might have been duplicated! x

  6. I have this and it's such a pretty shade but I think mine must be a dodgy batch or something because it takes soooo much effort to get any colour payoff at all - it's such a shame as I want to love it but rarely end up wearing it!
    It looks lovely on you :) Maybe I'll buy another!

    Jess xo

    1. That's a shame! It's a subtle colour by Sleek's standards so it must be annoying that the colour isn't showing properly for you! x

  7. I love this Sleek blush, featured it in a recent Autumn/Winter blush post actually! I don't hear much about it, probably cause it isn't as out there as a lot of their blushes but it's such a good staple colour to own. Also, can I just say that I am in loveeee with your freckles, gurl! So fab :) x



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