My MAC Lipstick Collection with Underrated Shades, Swatches & Mini-Reviews

For my friends and family, this is a shocking number, for a lot of
 you guys it'll be nothing. But I have quite a few colours which don't seem to have much hype and I think I have a nice mix of shades and finishes. So here is my MAC lipstick collection! I'll be including side-by-side swatches, mini-reviews and on-lip swatches in this post :)

I wasn't sure whether to sort these by colour or finish, but I decided to go with colour!

And just for reference, this is how my lips look with nothing on them. Apologies in advance for my on-lip swatches, it's hard without a pencil and I lost the will to live pretty early on! Haha

So first up we have The Nudes

Jubilee (Lustre)

This is the perfect subtle, low-maintenance daytime shade. It's a creamy and moisturising light brown nude. Very much a 'your lips but better'. As it's a Lustre it has a glossy finish and isn't that pigmented. It's probably the most wearable of the bunch.

Colour:                   ****.5
Wearability:            *****
Pigmentation:            ***
Finish:                      ****
Durability:                 ***
Overall:                  ****

Taupe (Matte)

This is another go-to daytime shade or a shade for when I want the focus on my eyes. It's one of the creamiest mattes I've tried too. I'd say it's a little harder to apply and go than Jubilee. It's nicely pigmented and despite it's name it's a lot more brown with burnt orange tones than brown with grey.

Colour:               *****
Wearability:         ****
Pigmentation:      ****
Finish:                 ****
Durability:          ****
Overall:             ****

And here are the nudes swatched:

Onto The Pinks and Purples

Fanfare (Cremesheen)

I almost never go for straight pinks, and this isn't exactly Barbie-coloured but it's out there for me! It errs a little more on the nude end of the pink scale. It's very creamy and the colour is more pigmented than a Lustre finish. I like this for daytime.

Colour:                 ****
Wearability:        *****
Pigmentation:        ****
Finish:                 *****
Durability:               ***          
Overall:                 ****         

Passion Charge (Lustre)

This one comes in the All About Coral Look in a Box (£35, see full review here), so isn't available alone. But it was a big motivator for me buying the box. It's a Lustre, so it's quite sheer and not that durable, but for me it's the perfect non-scary coral. It's pretty much halfway between a pink coral and a orange coral, and that's why I bought this shade.

Colour:                *****
Wearability:          *****
Pigmentation:        ***.5
Finish:                    ****
Durability:               ***           
Overall:                ****

Plumful (Lustre)

This is one I really thought 'what have I done?!' when I got it home and vowed never to make a spontaneous MAC purchase again. However it's really grown on me. It pretty much performs the same function as my Revlon Sugar Plum Lip Butter, although I prefer the slightly redder shade of the Revlon. It's a nice colour you can apply quickly and re-touch with ease.

Colour:                   ***
Wearability:        *****
Pigmentation:        ****
Finish:                    ***
Durability:             ***            
Overall:                ***.5

Twig (Satin)

This was one of my first and still one of my favourite MAC Lipsticks (see a full review here). It's a dusky pink shade with a little hint of lilac, and it's one I find myself reaching for whether it's day or night. I can't believe how little love this shade seems to have! I feel it's my duty to spread to word! I really like the Satin finish, as it's really pigmented but more creamy than a Matte.

Colour:                    *****
Wearability:             *****
Pigmentation:          *****
Finish:                      *****
Durability:                 *****            
Overall:                    *****

Here are my Pink and Purple swatches:

Finally we have The Darks, obviously the least wearable, but so beautiful!

Chili (Matte)

This is one I should wear more (I have a full review here). It's definitely fallen a bit out of favour with me because I find reds so hard to apply and maintain (and there's still a little voice in my head saying 'you can't wear reds!'). In terms of the colour, it's a red with burnt orange and terracotta undertones. I thought red lips were just a no-no for me, but this proved me wrong. It does last but when you eat and drink you can get an uneven fade.

Colour:                    ****.5
Wearability:                 **
Pigmentation:          *****
Finish:                       ****
Durability:                ****            
Overall:                  ****

Party Line (Cremesheen)

This is one I hadn't really heard of until I stumbled across it. This is pretty wearable for a dark lipstick and I would wear this during the day. It's a deep red-berry, creamier than a Lustre and a little less sheer but it still has a glossy finish. The only thing I dislike about this shade is that when the gloss wears off you're left with a stain which I don't like the look of.

Colour:                      *****
Wearability:                 ****
Pigmentation:              ****
Finish:                        *****
Durability:                     ***            
Overall:                      ****

Paramount (Satin) 

This is a real underrated gem. It's very dark, so won't be for everyone, and you do have to be careful applying it but overall I love this shade. It's a chocolate brown colour with a slight hint of wine (yum!). I wish there were more of the Satin finish, as it really strikes the balance between being creamy and non-drying and giving you a pretty matte finish. This is definitely a nighttime shade for me and one which I would wear with toned-down eyes and blusher.

Colour:                      *****
Wearability:                    **
Pigmentation:             *****
Finish:                        *****
Durability:                   *****            
Overall:                      ****.5

Diva (Matte)

This is the shade that doesn't really need an introduction. It's a gorgeous reddish purple and not too drying for a matte. It's a very pigmented shade, so creates dramatic look. It's not one I'd wear in the daytime. It's great in that you can apply it once and it'll last you all night, despite eating and drinking.

Colour:                      *****
Wearability:                    **
Pigmentation:             *****
Finish:                        *****
Durability:                   *****            
Overall:                      ****.5

And here are the swatches of The Darks:

I don't own any of the Amplified finish, and I don't own any of the Frost finish (as I really don't like frosted lips!), but apart from that I think I have most of the bases covered?

The shades I think are super-underrated and need more love are: 
* Fanfare
* Twig
* Party Line
 * Paramount

And finally here is everything swatched! From top to bottom we have: Jubilee, Taupe, Fanfare, Passion Charge, Plumful, Twig, Chili, Party Line, Paramount and Diva:

All MAC lipsticks are £15.50, and can be purchased here.

If you're new to MAC, or just looking for a few more shades to add to your collection, I hope this post has been helpful! And if you'd like to know which lipliner I use with any of these shades, ask in the comments :)

Jasmine x


  1. I found this post at the perfect time! I am planning to stop by MAC on friday as I am looking for a purple/red shade for autumn! I'll definitely try on Diva and maybe a few other of your shades (like Taupe and Twig), even though many would say I don't need any more!

    MD from http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  2. You have some amazing shade, ive just added Chilli and Jubilee to my wishlist!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I have a huge soft spot for mac lipsticks and I'm always looking to add another to my ever expanding collection! Diva looks gorgeous on you! Will have to give that one a swatch next time i'm in mac. Great review & love that you've included a star rating :-) x

  4. I love MAC lipsticks, my favourite are Faux and Lady Danger. Although with autumn happening I may have to adventure into some more berry colours :) Very jealous of your collection!

  5. 2 years late but just stumbled on your blog. You are so so so pretty and every shade suits you so well! Nice balance of colors too lol I only wear brights reds ! So glad to have found your blog


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