Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Spoiler Alert: this possibly my favourite foundation EVER (next to MAC Studio Fix Fluid, but I love it for totally different reasons). I think that if you're going to splurge on makeup, there's nothing better than investing in your base! The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is far from cheap at £31 but here are my thoughts on it... 


The packaging is pretty standard foundation fare, but one thing that is worth noting is that it comes with a pump, unlike certain high-end foundations...

It comes in 14 shades, which isn't vast for a high-end brand but still way better than what you'd find on the high street. I struggle to find foundations which have yellow undertones, so if you're muddling by with neutral-toned foundations despite your warm complexion, this could be perfect.

It's a light-to-medium coverage foundation and personally I wear it when I want something more than a tinted moisturiser but I still want my skin to be able to breathe. It's a very liquid-y foundation and I'd say on a day-to-day basis I'll use around 3-4 squirts (which I think is quite a lot).

So here's how it looked on (with primer underneath but no powder, concealer etc.):

Before (left) and after (right) (as if it wasn't obvious!)

I built it to a more medium coverage in this picture, using 4-5 squirts and applying it using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. You can definitely go lighter than this but I like that you can also build it up (I needed to as I was out for the evening and had left my MAC Studio Fix Fluid in London by accident!)

The only con with this (or it may be a pro for you!) is that it has a pretty dewy finish. I resolve this by using face powder, but it isn't naturally mattifying. If you have dry skin it'll be perfect for you. It's also the best colour match out of any foundation I've tried.

It really evens skintone and goes some way to covering blemishes and dark circles. It really brings vibrancy to the skin without looking unnatural. If you'd like to see some foundation comparisons and the pros and cons of each one I own, take a look here.


Colour Range:
14 Shades

Colour Match:
Perfect for me and warm complexions

Lasts all day, may fade slightly in oilier areas (under eyes for me)

Dewy/Healthy Glow

Ease of Application:      
Pretty runny!

Can be only slightly heavier than a tinted moisturiser or a medium coverage. It builds very naturally

Value for Money:
Great foundation but I find myself using quite a bit of it so I don't see it lasting for ages


What's your go-to daytime foundation?

Jasmine x


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