Drugstore Starter Kit #2: Some Added Extras

So, if you're feeling confident with Part 1 of my Drugstore Starter Kit, you're ready to move onto something a little more intermediate...

In terms of bases, once you're happy with a lighter cover product, you might want to move onto a Full Coverage Foundation. I really like the Revlon Colourstay Makeup (£12.49), I use the one for oily/combination skin, but you can also get it for normal/dry skin. It gives a nice full cover without being at all cake-y; all in all it's pretty foolproof!

Bronzer is something I don't have quite figured out myself! But I do like the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (£7.99). I have it in Medium/Dark, but there's also a lighter one available. It blends really nicely so you can use it on the hollows of your cheeks, as well as your temples.

For your cheeks, you're ready to graduate to Cream Blusher. This is a little harder to work with, as it can make a bad situation worse if you have oily skin or be hard to apply if your skin is dry! So make sure you exfoliate if you're dry or add powder first if you're oily. I like Makeup Revolution's Caramel Shake (£1.50); it's a really natural colour and would work with a lot of skintones.

Once you're happy with eyebrow pencils, it's a good idea to move onto a Brow Kit with a wax and powder, as it looks a lot more natural. The Sleek Brow Kit (£7.99, review here) is probably my all time best drugstore purchase. I've used it every day since February and it's still going strong! You can apply the wax with a slanted brush to get the shape right, before taking a second small brush to pat some powder through them to make your brows look thicker.

Eyeshadow Palettes are the next natural step once you've got to grips with singles. I think the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette (£4, review here) is amazing. The shades are beautiful neutrals, so whilst you can create a lot of looks with it, it's really hard to go wrong with a colour selection like this. I also think shimmers are a lot easier to work with than mattes, and these are all shimmery.

Liquid Eyeliner can be a little tricky to work with, but the results are amazing! I really like the MUA Liquid Eyeliner, it's just £1 so perfect for experimenting. I have Shade 5, which is a pigmented black.

If you want to start getting into Lipstick, I can't recommend the MUA £1 Line enough! I have 3 of the Matte colours, in the shades Wild Berry, Lilac Belle (review here) and Fawn Fancy and one from the regular line, Shade 11. Even the colours that look a little scary in the bullet swatch really nicely. They're great for experimenting with and working out what works for you, as they're so cheap but the quality is pretty nice too.

To finish off your look, you'll need a Lip Liner, and these ones from Essence (£1 each) are just great! They're very easy to use and the texture is perfect. I just wish they did a few more shades...I currently have Satin Mauve, In the Nude, Soft Berry and Wish Me a Rose.

If you're looking to invest slightly more in brushes to apply all of this with, then look no further than e.l.f. (reviews here)! They're brushes are very reasonably priced, and the Studio line is especially good quality. I've had a lot of brushes from them and only had problems with 1 or 2. Make sure you pick up the Studio Stipple Brush if you want to try liquid or cream blushers!

So, what do you think of Part 2? Let me know in the comments :)

Jasmine x



  1. Loving this series, such a great idea!! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. Love this idea of a starter kit! I've used a lot of products mentioned, they're great for trying out things like a lipstick shade, to see if you'll like it or if it suits you

  3. I love that revlon foundation!

  4. This is such a fab idea for a series, very well put together too. love it x

  5. I don't usually buy drug store stuff, mainly because it annoys me that the foundation testers are always run out or dried up! Maybe I'll have to break my high end products streak and try out the MUA/Essence stuff because I've heard so many good things about them :)


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