Review: Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Geeks

Ordering lipsticks online is something I rarely risk...however I decided to try out two of Makeup Revolution's Lip Geeks, from their pricier 'I Heart Makeup' line (£2.99 each). So, here's what I thought of Kiss 2 Make Up and Live for Today :)

I thought I would review these together, as the pigmentation, formula, quality and wear time was the same for both. I picked these shades quite randomly, I must admit. I don't wear bright pink lipstick, so that narrowed it down a little, and there weren't too many darker shades, so I just chose the darkest 'everyday' ones.

In terms of the packaging, it won't be for everyone, but I think it's fun and reflects the fact that the brand wants to reflect and move with different trends. 

So, here are the swatches, first without flash and then with flash. Live for Today is on the left and Kiss 2 Make Up is on the right:

They aren't super super pigmented and have a glossy sheen, so if they were MAC lipsticks they'd probably be Lustre finish. What I like about them is that even once the glossy layer comes off (around 3 hours after application if you're eating and drinking), you're still left with a nice stain for a few more hours.

Kiss 2 Make Up is a brown-toned dusky pink and Live for Today is a more neutral pink. Here's how they looked applied:

Kiss 2 Make Up

Live For Today

Overall I liked these a lot more than I ever expected to, and they're great everyday shades. Plus at £2.99 they're a total steal!



* Natural, subtle shades
* Great value for money
* Pretty durable
* They have a sheen but they aren't ultra-glossy
* Easy to apply and touch-up on the go


* Not massively pigmented
* When first applied, they didn't feel that nice on my lips

The Verdict

Shades:                            ****
Shade Selection:             ***.5
Colour Pay-Off:               ***
Durability:                       ****
Finish:                          ****.5
Ease of Application:    *****
Value for Money:          ****.5



Do you guys own any of the Lip Geek line? Thoughts? :)

Jasmine x



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