Autumn Fashion and Beauty Haul #2: ASOS, Topshop, Essence & More

So, I've been doing some shopping, seeing as it well and truly seems to be Autumn in the UK! Here are the fashion and beauty bits I picked up:

ASOS & Topshop Fashion

Not the most exciting purchases in the world, but we all need essentials, and I can definitely recommend these. I also originally ordered these Chelsea Boots, but unfortunately they arrived all scuffed, which put me off them (£40 is a little too good to be true). What I did end up with from the 25% off student event were:

These shoes are adorable, and I thought the colour was really nice and uncommon, however these unfortunately left the back of my feet seriously blistered and bleeding. If you're planning on owning a pair from this line, maybe size up and/or make sure you wear socks or tights with them.

Not the most interesting thing in the world (and they definitely arrived looking rather creased!) but we all need leggings and ones for taller girls are definitely lacking on the high street. These are comfy, soft, thick and opaque but a tiny bit shiny (which for £8 I can overlook!) 

ASOS Rivington High Waist  Denim Jeggings in Clean Black, £25

I've only ever bought the Molly Jeggings from River Island, but considering how quickly they fade I thought I'd get some which are a little cheaper. My first impressions tell me I'm onto a winner. The cut and high-waisted style mean they actually look pretty smart. They're a skinny fit but still comfy and breathable. If you don't know where to start with ASOS's jogging selection I highly recommend checking out this style.

Topshop Zip Back Tee in Nude, £18

This is just a simple, clean top that can be styled in a lot of different ways and which can take me through pretty much any season.

So, onto beauty...

ASOS Beauty: Nars

I also got this in the ASOS student event. Nars blushes retail at £22.50 (£21.50 on ASOS) so I had to pick one up in this offer. Although I had been looking at Gilda and Dolce Vita, I decided Gilda was too much like blushers I already own and Dolce Vita was a bit too much. So I settled on Madly, which doesn't look like much in the pan, but applied it's a subtle muted peach-tan shimmer.

Topshop Beauty

I haven't had anything from Topshop Beauty for aaaages! Simply because I always forget it's there. They had a 2 for £12 (£8 individually) on lip products, so I chose 2 Sheer Lips in Nuclear and Play With Fire (admittedly not the most Autumnal colours!). Although they aren't hydrating, they provide a nice hint of colour and it's a good way of experimenting with brighter shades. I also got a Glow Highlighter in Gleam (£9), as it reminded me of Benefit's Sun Beam, but as it's more of a cream consistency it can also be used as eyeshadow.

The first shade is Gleam, followed by Play With Fire and finally Nuclear:

Barry M

I'd been eyeing up the Mustard shade for a while, but kept forgetting to get it! Superdrug have a 2 for 3 across many Barry M products, so I decided to pick up the Gelly High-Shine Nail Paint (left to right in the above image): Coca, Chilli and Mustard (£3.99 each). So far I'm really impressed; I've had Mustard on with no top coat and base coat for a day and even after a lot of manual work today it still hasn't chipped! These shades are perfect for Autumn/Winter.


I chose 4 eyeliners and judging off when I swatched them I think it's another hit from Essence! I chose 3 of the Long Lasting Eye Pencils in: 19 Hot Scorch, 18 Berry Merry and 22 Ms Moneypenny (£1.50 each). Unfortunately only Berry Merry (which is what I was expecting MAC's Evil Twin to look like!) is available on the Wilko website right now, the others may be available in-store or (as they were marked as 'new') only at the Essence stalls as of right now. I have a feeling these will be long-lasting considering how

I also finally got my hands on a nude pencil: the Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil in 01(£2). This was the non-metallic nude option and from swatching it, it has a lovely creamy texture and goes on so nicely.

Here are the swatches: 01, 22, 19 and 18

I also picked up a little something to add to my Giveaway, so get following on Bloglovin' and when I hit 200 followers I'll be posting how to enter and what's up for grabs :)


This was a desperation-buy (I was on the way to an event and realised I'd forgotten to put on mascara! - don't ask...), which rarely turns out well for me. However I'm really impressed with the Collection Super Size Fat Lash Mascara (£2.99, currently £2.50 at Superdrug). I always look out for good bargain mascaras, because let's face it; they dry up within a couple of months so they really aren't something I look to invest in. This added length, volume and, most importantly, left my lashes clump-free.

Have you been on a new season shopping spree yet? 

Jasmine x



  1. To stop shoes rubbing at the ankles, rub some damp soap on them... Sounds ridiculous but it works! Loving the eyeliners!

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip! Will have to try it once it heals a bit!

  2. Wow you bought some great things, absolutely love those shoes but hate it when they rub :( I love the new Barry M shades, I bought Chilli and Mustard myself only recently!

    The Makeup Directory

  3. I am planning to buy the shoes in the navy color. My usual shoe size is EU 40, is it better to buy a size up? Is the front too small? I hope you will reply, i need help in chosing the size.

    1. Hi, I would just get your usual size - I don't find them smaller or larger than other shops

  4. Inspiring http://www.robesdemariee2013.com/


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