7 Problems Only Cat Owners Understand!

As much as I love my two cats, they do still drive me absolutely insane! Here are a few of the ways in which they do it...

7. Wondering what they do all day and being a little bit jealous of their chilled lives (and considering attaching a camera to their collar to see what it is they do when they 'go out')

6. When they drape themselves over your laptop, because they can't stand not being the centre of attention for a few minutes

5. Having to hold your bladder indefinitely because they've decided to sit on your knee (for the first time this year)

4. When they 'affectionately' hook their claws into your clothes (and your flesh...)

3. The stand-off when you come into the room with a plate of meat or fish that isn't for them

2. Not being able to leave a laundry basket of black clothes anywhere they can get to because the hair just never comes off!

1. The sneaking suspicion that they don't actually love you, they see it as a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby they pretend to like the stupid human in order to get access to food

Cat owners, do you relate to this?!

Jasmine x 
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1 comment

  1. Ha! I can definitely understand this. I swear with my cat Jessie, the more affection and love you showed her, the more she snubbed you!


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