Simple Beauty Storage Solution #1

Now I'm finally getting my act together storage-wise, and I have a permanent home back in Manchester, I thought I'd do a little series of posts on beauty storage and simple, cheap tips :)

So my tip #1 is using empty jars! I use an empty sweet jar to store my brushes and combs and an empty large Yankee Candle jar for my brushes. 

Although this was great for face brushes, some of my eye brushes would get a little lost in the depth of the jar, so my solution was to fill the jar with cheap rice from the supermarket to give them something to stick into. You can use cheap beads from Ikea, but I haven't been there for a while, so I used rice. 

If you have small Yankee Candle jars you can use them to store hair grips and if you have a medium one, that can be used for eye brushes.

A good way of getting the tiny last bit of wax out of the bottom (along with the wick) is to put it in the freezer overnight, and the next morning use a bread knife to slowly ease it out. If yours are in the state mine was you'll also need to give the inside a good scrub with a warm, soapy cloth. I personally liked the label kept on, but if you prefer a cleaner look you can easily soak the sticker off in warm water.

I hope this tip was useful and there are more on the way :)

Jasmine x


  1. Love this, so much better than buying actual storage! I also love the look of your walk paper! x

    1. Thank you! I thought the jars fitted with the shabby chic look I have in my room and when you have lots of makeup it can't ALL go in Muji storage haha x

  2. I love this idea! I have so many yankee jars I've kept but have mainly used them as vases :)

  3. Good idea! I've also seen people empty out big candle jars like the Yankee candles ones and then fill them with cotton balls and stuff, which can look pretty if you get the pastel coloured ones


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