MAC Look in a Box in All About Coral Review

When I spotted these boxes, I have to admit I was sent into a frenzy. As well as what I'd gone to MAC for I got 2 of these boxes for me and my mum, as at £35 they are such amazing value. They're sold out online and unless they had more kept elsewhere they're pretty low in stock in-store, so check these out sooner rather than later!

So the Coral box comes with a Lustre lipstick, a Lipglass, a Eyeliner Kajal and an eyeshadow trio. I'm going to review each product individually and then give the box an overall verdict.

Here are the swatches for the entire box:

The image on the left is with a flash and on the right is without a flash. From top to bottom we have: Passion Charge Lustre Lipstick, Stoke the Flame Lipglass, Brownbox Eyeliner-Kajal and the Collective Chic Pearlfusion Eyeshadow Trio.

Let's start with the item that caught my eye the most: the lipstick. I thought the eyeshadows were really pretty, so if I then liked the lipstick that was what would seal the deal for me.

Passion Charge is a Lustre, so applies quite sheer and has a glossy (but not overly shiny) finish. It's a really bright pretty coral tone. I'd say it's mid-way between an orange coral and a pink coral.

This is how the lipstick alone looked. I really like this shade; it's summery and was quick and easy to apply. It wasn't super-durable (which I generally expect from Lustres) but left a nice stain once the sheen wore off (after about 3 hours when I was eating and drinking). Overall this is a definite hit for me.

Next was the Lipglass in the colour Stoke the Flame. I'm not a lipgloss girl at all, I own one and that came in a mystery bundle, so I didn't even choose it! Saying that, I'm surprised at how much I liked this. It's a vibrant pink-toned coral with a nice bit of shimmer. It wasn't too gloopy or hard to apply. Overall it hasn't converted me to lipgloss but I like it.

This is how it looked when I wore the Lipglass alone. I think it is more something I would wear on top of something else.

Now onto my least favourite item of the lot: the eyeliner. I'm not a fan of brown eyeliner at all so I guess this is a little wasted on me. I like the convenience of it twisting up, but then that means you aren't getting fresh product. I felt it didn't apply very easily over eyeshadows and looked way less pigmented than in my swatches. However one bonus is that it's quite long-lasting. I'm wearing the eyeliner in all the images in this post.

Finally, another highlight of this box for me: Collective Chic. Obviously all these shades are pearly, the first shade is a sort of peachy-beige glitter shadow, the second is an olive glitter shadow and the third is a plum shimmer shadow.

 I really liked the colours and the look I created with them and whilst they were durable in the sense that they stayed on all day, they didn't stay looking fresh and as I'd applied them for very long at all. This was disappointing, especially as I was wearing a primer. They're beautiful shades, but if you're heading to an all-day event I wouldn't recommend these.

I'm wearing the peach shade on my lid, the olive in my crease and the plum colour on my outer triangle. Also in this picture I have the Lipglass on over the Lipstick (which is a look I really like!), so I'm wearing the entire box :)


Passion Charge Lipstick

* Pretty, summer colour
* Subtle and sheer
* Adds a nice pop of colour
* Can be worn in the day or at night
* Easy to apply
* Not that durable


Stoke the Flame Lipglass

* Again, I really like the colour
* Subtle shimmer running through it
* Durability is what you'd expect from a gloss
* It looks really pretty on top of Passion Charge


Brownbox Eyeliner Kajal

* Twist bottom makes it pretty easy to use
* It just didn't apply very well for me
* Didn't look as pigmented on as it does in the swatches


Collective Chic Eyeshadow Trio

* The colours are so amazing (my camera does it no justice)
* I love the look you can create with it
* Let down by the fact they don't stay looking fresh for long!


All About Coral Overall

* Overall I feel this box was worth the money I spent on it
* I got a lipstick that I like a lot, which isn't available on it's own
* The Lipglass is a really good shade to add on top of colours
* I didn't like the eyeliner
* I did really like the eyeshadows, but the durability is a real issue with them!


Did you buy one of the boxes? What did you think of yours?

Jasmine x 


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