Kylie Jenner Nude Lip Trend

I'm really not plugged into planet Kardashian-Jenner (at best I'm indifferent, at worst they're just annoying), but even I've heard all the talk surrounding youngest sibling Kylie's lips. I couldn't care less about the debate surrounding alleged lip enhancements but I do care about the debate surrounding what lip colour she uses! I looove a nude lip and even a hardcore Kardashian hater would have to admit that Kylie has got it spot on! So here are some products suggestions, both budget and more expensive, (with swatches) for getting her nude lips...

From my Googling, it seems Kylie rocks two nude lip looks: Mauve and Natural Lips But Better. I've tried to swatch them in groups, but as you can see there's definitely some overlap! I've also included some lipliners, as Kylie over-draws her natural lip line. I think she may even use more than one product, and that's why no one seems to have IDed the shade.

(Images via: http://instagram.com/kyliejenner)

First we have the more brown, natural tones (left: no flash, right: flash):

So, going from the top, these shades are:

This is a little more glossy than Kylie seems to wear but would work well in combination with another shade

This is the perfect creamy but matte finish colour for this look. See my full review here.

This is another nice brown-toned shade. 

I stole this one from my mum! MAC Lip Pencils are perfect for layering, and spice creates a nice brown-nude base.

This is a pretty sheer product for a matte so would work really well with a mauve-toned lip liner. 

This is more glossy than what Kylie uses but could be used for highlighting, creating the illusion of more volume.

This is again a good shade to combine with something a little more dusky pink or purple (post here).

So here are the more Mauve and dusky pink tones (again the left is no flash and the right is with flash):

This is another one that's glossier than Kylie's colour but could add that hint of purple to a brown-based matte.

This is a pretty perfect match for MAC Twig (post here).

This is a darker, but still nice and creamy, berry tone to add that slightly purple tone Kylie does (post here). 

This is the most dusky purple tone on the list. I think this would work well alongside Praline or Taupe. It's a Satin finish, so a little creamier than a Matte (review here).

You might also want to try:

Hopefully some combination of these shades will get you the perfect mauve-nude lip look :)

Jasmine x


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