Review: MUA (Make Up Academy) Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility

After popping into Superdrugs all over the place to check over what felt like months, I finally found this £3 lip lacquer by MUA in the colour Tranquility! (It's already out of stock again though!) I had Halcyon already but the colour just wasn't right for me, but I really liked the idea and this was the only one I thought might suit me. So was it worth the wait...?

The product is from the slightly more premium MUA line: MUA Luxe. It comes in a frosted lipgloss tube and the applicator is also the same as with a lipgloss. It also comes in a cardboard thing, which seems a little pointless, but at least you know if someone's unsealed the product. The frosted tube isn't ideal if there aren't any testers in store as it's hard to get a true representation of the colour through it. Tranquility is a pink-toned nude.

Here are my swatches (left: no flash, right: flash)

I'm pretty fussy about lip colours that are lighter than my skin tone, so it was with trepidation that I applied this. It goes on with a paste-like texture and it stays wet for a minute or so, so you have time to tidy it up if you need to. After this it settles to a stain. And this is how it looked on:

I don't think it'll be for everyone, but I actually really like it! It stayed on for around 4 hours when I was eating and drinking and obviously you can make it last longer if you aren't doing those things. I can see how it may be a little drying, and it does settle a little in the cracks of your lips, so if you have problems with this, these lip lacquers might not be for you!

Overall though, I'm happy with it and it was worth the wait and, more importantly, it was more than worth my £3!



* Very good price
* Long-lasting stain effect
* Pretty brown-pink nude
* Easier to apply than you'd think


* Could be a little drying
* Colour won't suit everyone

The Verdict

Pigmentation:                *****
Ease of Application:       ****
Finish:                               ***
Colour:                           ****
Colour Selection:            **.5
Durability:                  ****.5
Value for Money:      ****.5




  1. Love the shade, this would be a perfect nude for me i think! Although i'm not a huge fan of how it looks under the flash!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. I really like the packaging for this, it looks a lot more expensive with the frosting. Definitely going to keep an eye out for these!

    The Makeup Directory

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