Save or Spend?: Garnier Micellar Water vs. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Whilst in Croatia I picked up the cult cleanser: the Bioderma Sensibio H2O (250ml, £10). However the Garnier Micellar Water (400ml, £3.99) is a similar product and you get almost double the volume for more than half the price. I thought these wouldn't be the most exiting products in the world to review, so instead I'm testing them against each other to see how they compare...


The packaging has a very similar feel; both are transparent with a similar font and pink top. I found both came out of the bottle in similar amounts (quite slowly, as obviously it's a water product so easy to get too much of).
Winner: Draw


The Garnier clearly wins on this front! It works out as 40p/10ml for the Bioderma and 10p/10ml for the Garnier.
Winner: Garnier

Cleansing Powder

I put this to the test but removing half my face with Bioderma and half my face with Garnier, then seeing how much makeup came off on each side when I applied my toner. As suspected, by the amount of the Garnier I've got through in this space of time, there was a good 50% more makeup left on the side with the Garnier. I also found it a little tougher to get off dark eye makeup with the Garnier. It does get it off in the end, but you have to use more of it. This for me is the major plus of the Bioderma over the Garnier.
Winner: Bioderma


They both were very gentle on the eyes and to the skin in general, though I'd say the Bioderma half of my face was a little softer afterwards.
Winner: Bioderma

Value for Money

Overall there are some differences, but the only draw back of the Garnier is that I find myself using a little more. However, if you do the maths even then it still works out as cheaper. For me they are similar enough for me to get the Garnier in future. I most likely will pick up the Bioderma again when I'm abroad and it's cheaper, but for me it isn't better enough to justify spending 4x as much. Though I do still like it very much, so if you prefer the Bioderma then it's still a favourite of mine that I'd really recommend!
Winner: Garnier

Overall Winner:

Have you tried both these products? Which did you prefer?

Jasmine x



  1. Thanks so much for this comparison, I've been looking for one so found this really useful :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. I've been trying to find a good makeup remover, nowadays I seem to stick to baby wipes and it works just as brilliantly! This is useful though, like I said I've been trying to look for a good brand. Thanks for sharing it's helped me a lot



  3. The micellar water for me is good, but i do have to go in with it quite a few times to get all my makeup off!
    xprincessjas | x

  4. I tried both. Both for oily skin, the green ones. Although, I love the price of Garnier, I still like Bioderma better.

    My face feels way more refreshed afterwards with Bioderma than Garnier, and Bioderma cleans better with less product. (About 1~2 cotton pads vs 3~4 cotton pads to be exact.)

    Also, Garnier has the "scent free" scent. Bioderma does have scent but I love the smell of it. So I don't mind it at all.

    As I mentioned, I tried the one for oily skin. Garnier says "mattifying" on the bottle, even. However, my face had this look that I just put on the moisturizer for night time. I wouldn't say it was greasy look but it certainly wasn't refreshing look either. Bioderma on the other hand, my face had clean, fresh look afterward.

    So for me, Bioderma is the winner.


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