ASOS Slinky Maxi Dresses

If you have any sort of big event coming up I can't recommend these dresses enough. I've had 2 of them in the past couple of months and I'm raving about them to anyone who'll listen! I'm such a fan of ASOS's own brand at the moment. I've kind of given up on a lot of my former high street favourites like Topshop and River Island because they just aren't exciting me that much any more. So ASOS has been a lifesaver!

These fantastic dresses are all priced £35-45 and one of the best things about them is that, unlike most dresses you'd wear to an event, they're very easy to wash. Somehow red wine stains even came out of the one I have in blush!

The £35 Kimono Wrap Maxi Dress comes in red (as seen on Little Mix's Leigh Anne Pinnock), black (which I own) and nude. The red is pretty daring; when I first ordered it I got the red but swapped it for the black because I felt the cleavage, the split and then it being in red was just too much. However Leigh Ann looked amazing in the red version, so it's all personal preference! I think these two colours are best for a nighttime look and the nude is more summery and daytime suited. 

The Wrap Front Maxi Dress costs £45 and comes in Lime and Blush, as well as both colours in the Petite section. The Lime version wasn't out yet when I bought the Blush, however I still feel the Blush was better for a formal summer event.  

Similar to the above dress is the new-in One Shoulder Drape Maxi Dress (also £45), currently available in Blush. It is very like the symmetric version, though perhaps a little less fussy.

Finally there is another cleavage and slit combination. This is definitely more of a going out dress, maybe for a special birthday. It costs £35 and comes in Black and Red. Although this clearly has cleavage and leg, I don't think the golden rule really applies as a) it's a maxi dress and b) your arms are completely covered in it.


(All above images via: asos.com)

These are the two I own and wore to events this summer:

Are you a fan of ASOS's own brand? And have you worn one of their dresses to a big occasion? :) 


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