Sleek Blush by 3 in Californ.i.a Review

I managed to totally forget to post this review even though it's been pretty much ready to go for ages! So here is the final instalment of my Sleek Blush by 3 collection; Californ.i.a (£9.99).

So Californ.i.a is a trio of cream blushers. Again,  I'm not sure which way the names are supposed to run so I'm going to label them left to right as they appear in the pan: Newport Peach, an almost neon pink shimmer, The Surf, a very light shimmery peach and finally OC, a more peachy pink.

On the whole they're really nice and creamy, as opposed to thin and greasy. I applied them with my e.l.f. Stipple Brush (£3.95).

So on the left is without flash and on the right is with. From top to bottom and left to right is: Newport Peach, The Surf and OC.

So here is Newport Peach:

I liked the finish of this one, it was easy to blend and apply, however I found it wore off reeeeally quickly. It wasn't patchy, which was a plus but at the same time it's annoying when 3 hours later it looked like I'd never applied anything. This was with a primer too.

This is The Surf: 

I had to put soooo much of this on for it to show up even a little. It seemed to stay longer than Newport Peach, but that could be simply because I applied so much. I do think, however that this would make a really pretty highlight colour. I found it a bit greasy for a blusher.

Finally here is OC:

The finish is pretty similar to Newport Peach, but this one is less shimmery. I found this one lasted longer but was a little patchier. 


Newport Peach

* Shimmery
* Bright, pigmented pink
* Easy to apply
* Blend-able
* Not at all durable


The Surf

* Light peach
* Shimmer
* Slightly too thin and greasy for a blusher
* Would make a good highlighting shade
* Not at all pigmented
* Easy to apply
* Blend-able



* Blend-able
* Easy to apply
* Nicely pigmented
* Wears the best out of the 3
* Patchy fade


Californ.i.a Overall

* A little disappointing, as the cream blusher in the Pink Lemonade palette is so good, I was expecting better
* Not as durable as you'd expect
* Nice summery colours
* Easy to blend
* Easy application with stippling brush or even just your fingers



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