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I've recently had new makeup brushes and a couple of other tool, so I've decided to do a round-up including a mini review of each brush. Not the most exciting thing in the world, I know, but what's the point in buying good makeup if you don't buy good brushes to apply it with? I'm not someone who would ever in a million years spend £22 on a brush from MAC, so all the following tools are pretty reasonably priced.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, £5.99

Sponges are a great to avoid brush marks, but traditionally they've been really awkwardly shaped. This dupe of the Beauty Blender avoids all this and doesn't fall apart like the ultra cheap versions. It's so easy to get a nice even finish across your face with this and get into all the awkward places.

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush, £3.95

Since I got this brush I've realised it's totally indispensable. The design of the brush means it is perfect for applying liquids and you can also use it wet. I generally use my for liquid and cream blushers, but if you like to use a brush to apply foundation or liquid highlighters it's perfect for that too. It also applies traditional powders evenly.

This brush is super-soft, flexible and washes really nicely. I've used it for both eyeliner and for my eyebrows and it works well for both!

This was kind of a necessary purchase, as I was having to use the same brush for my face powder and highlighter and wiping it off in between. It was much easier just to have a second brush, so I picked up this one from e.l.f.. I actually really like it! It's soft, large and picks up the perfect amount of face powder.

I use this brush for blending out eyeshadow. It does the job, the main downside is that it's a little too flexible and the white bristles tend to get stained really easily. Overall I'd say you can get something just as good for less money. I got this because I had a £3 off voucher, so I'd say it's a good option if you can get it with Advantage Card points or on offer.

I actually prefer this one to the No7 one. It's from the 'essential' line at e.l.f. as opposed to their higher priced Studio line, but it's still pretty good. It's a little stiffer than the No7 one, which I like. It's always good to have a couple of blending brushes for when they get dirty and you need to blend in a third colour.

This is pretty different from a slanted brush, but it works pretty well for applying eyeliner. I'd say you have more control over the brush, but at the same time it takes longer.

This brush is perfect for packing on eyeshadow. I usually use it for the darker colour on the outside of my lid. You have to be careful you don't pick up too much product with this brush.

I generally use this for cream eyeshadows and for applying the base colour. Eyeshadow goes on so smoothly and easily with this brush; I really like it. I got both these brushes during a Body Shop online promotion, they're worth the full amount but if you can't afford that get on their mailing list, as they do these promotions pretty often!

When this arrived, my first thought was that it was way too big! However I was really impressed with this. It didn't leave huge brush strokes like a lot of concealer brushes; it does give a flawless finish.

I'm going to do a post on my weekly brush cleaning routine at some point, but this has become a crucial part of it. It's not great at actually removing all the excess product in the brushes, but it gets rid of any lurking bacteria, and it's good for a quick clean on a daily basis.

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