Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Review

So I've finally got round to posting a proper review of this little kit which I've barely put down since I bought it. Benefit have 3 kits in this series: Easiest Nudes Ever (which is one I'd definitely purchase), Sexiest Nudes Ever (which isn't really my thing and the shades definitely aren't nudes!) and this one: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. I picked this one up duty free, but they retail for £23.50.

So the packaging is beautiful, as usual. Benefit have mocked it up like a pack of tarot cards and the inside lifts out so you can use it as a keepsake box, which is nice. Obviously it's not as streamlined and travel-friendly as some palettes but I really like it.

The kit comes with 2 cream eyeshadows, on the top is Birthday Suit, a brushed chrome colour and underneath it is My Two Cents, a orange-toned gold. Call my Bluff is a very light cream powder, with a slight shimmer, Kiss Me I'm Tipsy is a glitter chocolate brown powder with a slight hint of purple. It's Complicated is a peachy pink shimmer powder. Guilt-y Pleasure is a light gold shimmer powder. All of these, I believe, are sold as individual powders and creams.

The fool-proof kit comes with a mirror and a little guide, telling you how to create both a 'Daytime' and a 'Playtime' look. The creams are very easy to just glide on, though I think a little thinner than ones from MAC and Nars. I think It's Complicated is my favourite powder and Birthday Suit my favourite cream. None of them are super pigmented, but the only one this really bothers me on is Call My Bluff, which I feel I have to apply a lot of.

So, above are my swatches, on the left is with flash, on the right is without. From top to bottom there's: Birthday Suit, Call My Bluff, Kiss Me I'm Tipsy, It's Complicated and Guilt-y Pleasure. The shades are just so pretty and there's a lot you can do with them, plus the little guide gives you a good starting point. This kit is a must-have for any neutral-lover.

Above is the 'Playtime' Look. Across the lid is My Two Cents, in the crease is Kiss Me I'm Tipsy and in the inner corner and as a highlight is Guilt-y Pleasure. Below is the 'Daytime' Look. Birthday Suit is across the lid, It's Complicated patted on the centre of the lid and Call My Bluff across the brow.   

Overall, I think if you're a lover of neutrals I'd really recommend this kit, or for something slightly less shimmery and more daytime try the Easiest Neutrals Ever.



* Very 'glamorous', lots of opulent shimmers 
* Beautiful packaging
* Comes with an easy 'how-to' guide 
* It's also easy to come up with your own ideas once you get started, there's lots of combinations and all the shades are complimentary
* Cream eyeshadows included, which is unusual for eyeshadow palettes
* Creams can be used to highlight or as a priming base
* It's Complicated is a really usual colour for an eyeshadow, I've never seen anything like it before


* A couple of mattes wouldn't have gone amiss
* They aren't super-pigmented
* Colour payoff for Call My Bluff isn't great
* Kind of pricey for 6 shades
* The 'Playtime' look still wasn't as intense as I'd personally want for a night out

The Verdict

Colour selection:       *****
Colour payoff:               ***
Durability:                     ****
Ease of use:                 *****
Ease of application:    *****
Blend-ability:               ****
Value for money:           ***




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  1. I've looked at this so many times in John Lewis, thanks for the review, will probably purchase this soon! X


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