Essence Lip Liners: First Impressions + Swatches

I think Essence is a European brand and they have just launched in the UK. I was wandering through the Manchester Arndale and noticed a makeup stand had popped up, so I was over there like a moth to a flame! I saw they've also popped up in Wilkos, for those of you who don't have one of these stands in your local shopping centre.

They had 5 different Lip Liners on display (though judging by the numbering their full collection is larger) and I purchased 4 of them (there was also a red one but as I don't wear reds that would've been a waste). It was perfect as I was on the hunt for lip liners and found one to match each of the lipsticks I'd wanted one for! The quality is consistent across all of them; the pencils are nice and soft, pigmented and easy to apply. They cost me just 89p each so all together I spent only £3.56! (I'm not sure if this price was introductory as they're on Wilkos website for £1 but still!) The packaging was nothing exciting but it's functional and the lid was secure for travel; you really can't complain for such an amazing price. You could honestly buy one to go with every individual lipstick you own. I can't believe I was about to spend £12 on a single one from MAC! 

As you can see (from left to right) 12 Wish Me A Rose is a true light pink colour, 06 Satin Mauve is a dusky pink-purple, 11 In the Nude is a pretty standard brown nude and 05 Soft Berry is a lighter, more neutral berry tone. 

Top to Bottom: Wish Me A Rose, Satin Mauve, In the Nude and Soft Berry
(Left: flash, Right: no flash)

I paired 12 Wish Me A Rose with my Sleek Barely There lipstick (as I lost my Lipliners of theirs!) (review here), 06 Satin Mave I paired with my MAC Twig lipstick (review here) and 11 In the Nude I paired with my MUA Fawn Fancy lipstick. I haven't linked 05 Soft Berry to a specific shade but I have so many berry-toned lip products I'm sure it'll go with quite a few.

They also had some really nice lipsticks, I just didn't purchase any because I had similar colours already to the ones I liked. They also had these really cool eyeshadow kits to create different looks, which reminded me of the Benefit Neutrals Kits.

The only negative was that the experience of shopping at their stand was a bit awkward. The staff just kind of hovered around and looked at you like they wished you weren't there. There were quite a few of them in a small space so it was pretty intimidating as they also didn't smile or greet you, though it was a small stand. So uncomfortable! I hope it was just a one-off, as I really like the products.

Putting aside the experience, I really like what I've seen from this brand so far! I can't wait to try the rest of their product line as the lip liners are fantastic!


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