Superdrug Haul: MUA, Revlon, Maybelline & More

This was originally going to be a post of all the stuff I got online and in-store, but Superdrug sent me someone else's order, so this is all just stuff I got in-store, with some great special offers. I also got my student discount on top of all this, and (as Superdrug don't make you wait until you can buy the entire item to use them) I got a pound off with my Beautycard!

Discounted Essentials

So it looks like this week was the perfect week for me to have run out of dry shampoo, hairspray and Cocoa Butter, as all of these are heavily discounted! There are hundreds of half price hair products in Superdrug at the moment, so get them whilst you can! (But maybe not online, we'll get to that in a minute...) So I paid £2.66 for the 250ml Original Cocoa Butter instead of £3.99! I then got a 400ml bottle of L'Oreal Elnett Normal Hold Hairspray for £3.29 instead of £6.59 and the 200ml Clean and Classic Original Batiste Dry Shampoo for £1.99 instead of £2.99. This is all stuff that I needed to replenish anyway, but it's such a bonus when you can save on these essentials!


These were total impulse purchases but I only spent a fiver (£4.50 with student discount!) and I'm still happy with them 24 hours later so I can't complain. I got the Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder (£3) just because it's sooo pretty! The base colour is a sort of peachy shade but it has a really iridescent shimmer to it. As I really like Lilac Belle (review here) and Fawn Fancy (post here), I decided to buy another of MUA's £1 Matte Lipsticks, this time in Wild Berry. There was no tester and I had to root around underneath the stand to find this, as there were none out. I love berry tones and I feel like it's time to bin some of my older ones so I needed replacements! I also got myself a very unnecessary blusher! But again it was just £1. I purchased the colour Bon Bon (even the name sounds yum!) (*UPDATE* review here), a fairly matte pinkish-apricot. I just thought it was pretty, I have no better excuse!


I originally ordered online the Lip Butters in the colour Pink Truffle and Macaroon. I'd kind of forgotten what they looked like (as I was working away when they were delivered) so decided to check them out again on my lunch break. I didn't really think Macaroon was right for me so, seeing that the Moisture Stains had been added to the 2 for £10 I decided to send the others back and get the Lip Butter in Pink Truffle (£7.99) (*UPDATE* review here) and the Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic (£7.99). However I think the Moisture Stains weren't supposed to be on that offer, as the manager immediately told the woman serving me to go and take them off the offer once she'd put mine through. The offer now looks like it's over on the Lip Butters too, but both the Moisture Stains and Lip Butters are reduced to £5.99.


This was a really annoying case of me not seeing the small print without my glasses. I thought the Baby Lips Balm in Cherry Me (£3.99) I bought was half price but looking at my receipt I realised I'd been charged in full for it, I saw a couple of days later that it's actually buy one get one half price across all Maybelline! It was really annoying as I'd wanted a Colour Tattoo as well so would've got that too if I'd have know (I guess I could just get two of those in the offer), as the Baby Lips Balm was something I'd wanted to try but there'd always been something I'd rather spend £3 on.

Look Beauty 

I think this brand is being phased out, as everything was half price. I got the Oomph Lashes Mascara (£3.29 instead of £6.70) on a whim, as I'd been after a daytime mascara and I'd had eyeshadows from this brand I'd liked in the past. Plus the packaging is just really cute! (*UPDATE* I opened this and it was totally powdered and dried up! See here what I got to replace it)

Superdrug Online Disaster!

I was really annoyed last week when I had a delivery note through from the postman who'd tried to deliver my Superdrug order, as I knew the bits I'd ordered from Makeup Revolution would have fitted through the letterbox as they had done on my last order. I had to go away the next day, and as you have to wait 24 hours to collect your parcel I had to wait until today. I finally got it and, all excited, decided to open it in the car on my way back to Manchester. Inside was...a pair of hair straighteners! They'd sent me someone else's order entirely! 

I've just got my money back and ordered the stuff directly from Makeup Revolution, along with some new things only available through them. The only thing is there was an MUA lipstick I'd ordered with that stuff which is always out of stock and I can't get that now :( After I finally got through on the phones to tell them I did get given 1000 points on my Beautycard so that's really good compensation, plus the woman was really nice and apologetic. It's just by the time I get my stuff it'll have been 3 weeks from when I ordered and I somehow have to take this massive box on the rush hour bus to send back this person's straighteners...



  1. i really need to try the moisture stains! the colour you picked is lovely, great post :-)


    1. I'll be posting a review of it when I've given it a go. It looks really good from swatching it though :D


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