Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review

Changing concealers is serious business in the makeup world! Being someone who's usually gone for the Erase Paste (review here), I was dubious that some people seemed to prefer Benefit's other concealer pot: Boi-ing. So I decided to grab Boi-ing in Duty Free (RRP £17.50) and put it to the test...

As I mentioned in my last post there was no one at the Benefit stand when I was browsing at Biza (and to my knowledge at the time my gate was opening in about 10 minutes!) so I chose the shade without a second opinion. I went for 03, which is slightly lighter than my natural skin tone (or at least of my hand). 

So here is is applied with my finger on the left and once blended on the right:

And here it is once applied with my e.l.f. Flawless Concealer brush (review here). I didn't have huge dark circles or spots when I took this picture, but as you can see it's definitely brightens and conceals the under-eye area. Before is on the left and after on the right:

So how does it measure up to the Erase Paste? I actually think Boi-ing is more of a paste consistency that the Erase Paste! It's a little drier than the Erase Paste and less greasy. I'd say the Erase Paste is more of a salmon-toned corrector, whereas Boi-ing is more suited for going on top of a corrector or to hide blemishes (as it's more skin-toned).

Personally (though I've used only Boi-ing in the 'after' image) I liked to use Boi-ing on blemishes and Erase Paste under my eyes as a corrector, before Boi-ing on top to blend it in with my foundation. Boi-ing does claim to be crease resistant but it definitely creased for me, though nowhere near as much as the Erase Paste. It isn't a huge bother but worth pointing out as it is marketed as 'crease-proof'. Overall I'm really glad I purchased it; whether Boi-ing or Erase Paste is for you really depends on what you want from your concealer!



* Doesn't irritate blemishes and spots
* Skin-toned
* Good coverage
* Doesn't look 'cake-y'
* Brightening
* Easy to apply with a concealer brush or fingers
* A good all-rounder
 * A few pounds less expensive than the Erase Paste
* Comes in more shades than the Erase Paste
* Non-greasy
* Fairly durable (better than the Erase Paste in my experience)


* Not a 'correcting' shade
* Although the creasing wasn't too bad it did definitely crease for me
* May be drying if your under-eye area is already under-hydrated

The Verdict

Coverage:               ****
Crease Resistance:     **.5 
Colour:                     ****
For blemishes:          ****
For under-eye area:     ***.5
Durability:                ***.5
Ease of application:   ****
Value for money:       ***




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