Duty Free and European Haul: Benefit, Dior, Mac & More

After this post it should be entirely apparent why I'm now so broke! Saying that, I won't be buying much more for a while now, as I have more than enough products for me and to provide blog content for a long while. So here is what I got duty free and whilst visiting Continental Europe...

I'm going to move through this roughly row by row from left to right, starting with the Smashbox. Also, prices listed are full price, what I actually paid for them will be in brackets.


I originally set out to buy Benefit's The POREfessional (£24.50), however I didn't realise how small the bottle was! Even tax-free it was around £19, so I just couldn't justify it. I wasn't planning on buying the Smashbox, but aboard the aircraft, it was tax free an on top of that the airline were doing an extra 20% off beauty. I'd read countless reviews praising this product so just went for it.


I picked this up in Croatia for what translates as around about £8. I'd seen it featured in a Lisa Eldridge video, and apparently it's a really gentle cleanser, so I thought it would be ideal for removing eye makeup.

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a brand I have bought from for years pretty much every time I go to Europe. It's really low-cost and high-quality. I wear a lot of brown and nude lip colours so I bought this lip liner to wear with them, as it was on sale in their Pest branch. 

Bobbi Brown

I loooove this foundation! It's just perfect for daytime use and Warm Natural is the perfect shade for me. The reason I hadn't had this in a while was because it was quite pricey, but my boyfriend was able to get it for me duty free at Stanstead.


I'm really excited to try this medium-cover foundation! I've heard such good this so when I saw it in duty free at Manchester, I couldn't resist getting it.


Benefit They're Real Mascara, £19.50 (£13.20)
This is an old favourite of mine, it creates a dramatic, clump-free look perfect for nights out. I didn't realise my old one was a year old! So I got this with the airline's tax free + 20% off deal.

It was perfect that this was released just when I was going on holiday, as £18 is pretty pricey for an eyeliner when I have no idea if this new design will be suited to me. Saying that, I can't wait to test this out. (*UPDATE* review here)

My beloved Sleek palette was starting to hit pan in places, so I thought I might as well try out the Benefit version. A 'Save or Spend?' post comparing the two is on its way.

I chose this because I love neutrals and I'd seen my housemate had one of the other sets in this line and had almost hit pan with every shade, so it must be good! (*UPDATE* review here)

I bought this because, though I love the Erase Paste (£19.50), it does have a tendency to settle into fine lines. Boi-ing specifically says it avoids this problem so we'll see if it does this and gives the same coverage as the Erase Paste. There was no one at the Benefit counter to advise me on a shade, but I chose 03 myself. (*UPDATE* review here)


MAC Lustre Lipstick in Jubilee, £15.50 (£12.50)
I'm really pleased I picked up this lip colour, it's a great everyday shade which isn't too far off my natural lip colour.


I chose this coral shimmer shade as I wanted to try out brands I hadn't come across before whilst in Budapest. This is an Italian brand, I believe, which is sold in the UK through Debenhams and online retailers.


My mum bought me this from Barcelona and it smells absolutely heavenly! Obviously I didn't enquire how much she paid for it but on the US Sephora site it's listed as $12, though this particular flavour seems unavailable!



  1. Got everything for such amazing prices!

  2. That's what I keep reminding myself so I don't feel so bad for spending as much as I did! haha. Oh well, I only get to shop duty free a couple of times a year so got to make the most of it! :)

    1. I do the same, my first stop when I get into Duty Free is always MAC, even if I need to eat or go to the loo that has to wait whilst I go shopping in case I run out of time!

      Michelle Louise Love


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