Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in Bloom Review

I think it's love. I was super super excited to try my Makeup a Revolution haul out so I decided to give the blusher a go today. I'm honestly amazed with this product. When I first heard all the hype around Makeup Revolution I did sort of think that when people said its good that was code for 'good for the price'. It isn't. It's just good full stop. I've had blushers from high end brands like Bobbi Brown and Nars and from more budget brands like Rimmel and Sleek, they're all ones I consider to be high-quality regardless. I didn't think a £3 blusher would be joining the ranks, but looks like I was wrong!

(By the way, this is the first time I've published a post using the Blogger app on my iPad so please bear with me!)

Although Makeup Revolution is mostly getting buzz for its eyeshadow palettes I was really intrigued by the idea of a liquid blusher. It is quite a small bottle, but for £3 you can't complain and it means you can really experiment with colour. I'd have loved to have had such high-quality, affordable blushers when I was in secondary school first starting to look into makeup, as the low cost means you can try new things without worrying about wasting loads of money. That's partly why I didn't mind ordering these items online, which I'm usually quite fussy about.

I was really lucky that the colour was perfect for me. I'd picked it pretty randomly to be honest, as I just assumed the colour squares wouldn't be that accurate, but to be honest they're as close to the actual colour as it can really get on the Makeup Revolution site. I love that They also show many of their products swatched on their website as that helps, even if your a different skin tone it gives some idea (I wish I'd seen this before ordering through Superdrug!) Bloom is a really pretty peachy pink colour.

I applied one small squirt to each cheek, first putting the blob on 
my hand then picking it up with a stippling brush to apply to my cheeks. This worked really well. It wasn't patchy when first applied and there were no brush strokes. I probably applied in the image of me wearing it a little more than I would normally because it's kind of hard to judge how much you'll need, but as you can see a little goes a long way as it's really well-pigmented.

In terms of durability I wanted to see how long it lasted without primer. I've just done a single spritz of e.l.f.'s Mist and Set spray over my entire face. I'm going to do before and after several hours with my usual Body Shop primer tomorrow and add the update to this post, I was just really excited to write about this product. I was pretty happy with it's staying powder. Obviously, like cream blushers, liquid ones don't last as long as powders as a general rule, but I have to say this was pretty decent. Over 5 hours it faded a bit but I didn't find it to be patchy and the colour was still definitely there, just not quite so bold. I'd recommend a translucent powder over it as my face was sweaty and that's probably what made it fade a bit! But considering this was without primer it isn't bad at all!

And 5 hours later...

I really love this product and want to buy it in more colours! I'm really excited to try the rest of my Makeup Revolution haul too. 

So I tried it out with a primer as well as the setting spray and woooow! 

This is me at 7am...

And this is me at 8pm, after spending the day in the sweatiest boardroom in London and travelling back to Birmingham on the same day with zero reapplication. If it can last through that it can last through just about anything!

I'm seriously impressed with the staying power! I'm bumping up the 'durability' score to a 5, as 80% of my blushers do not last this long when I use these two priming and setting products with them! I'm therefore going to move the product as a whole up to a rare overall 5 star!



* £3!!!!
* Easy to apply
* Blendable
* Pigmented
* A little goes a long way!
* Personally I loved the colour
* Reasonably durable
* Glides onto the skin
* Very durable with primer


* I wouldn't mind a few more colours
* Be sure to powder if you have a shiny face

The Verdict

Colour:                 *****
Colour selection:        ***
Pigmentation:             ****.5
Durability:                   *****
Blendability:               ****
Ease of application:     ****.5
Value for money:        *****




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