My Nighttime Makeup Essentials

I say 'essentials' but for a nighttime look this adds up to quite a lot! This post is going to be talking through my favourite products to create evening and going out looks (text and image heavy!) 

So we'll start with my favourite tools (top-bottom). 

1. Glow Professional Brush Set (£6.25, buy here), which has most of the brushes I use for a nighttime look. 

2. Bourjois Nail Polish Remover (£5.99, buy here); I always like to do a fresh set of nails before I go out and this save so much time and it also does your toes. 

3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99, buy here). Since starting using egg-shaped blending sponges I haven't looked back; they give smooth, even coverage with no brush marks or fingerprints. 

4. Elf Essential Mechanical Eyelash Curler (£1.95, buy here), is a great value product. It does what it says and curling is a great way to get more volume before adding mascara.

5. The Body Shop Slanted Brush (£9, buy here). There is a slanted brush in the Glow set I use for my eyebrows but I use this larger, softer, more flexible one for gel eyeliner.  

6. No7 Eye Contour Brush (£7.25, buy here), is a brush I haven't done a post on yet but is perfect for creating a smokey eye.

7. Elf Studio Stipple Brush (£3.95, buy here). I don't know where this brush has been all my life! I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of a stippling brush before, but it's amazing what you can do with it; it can be used wet or dry, with creams, liquids or powders and is easy to wash. For a night out it lets me gradually build up the amount of product on my face.

8. The Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush (£9, buy here). This is perfect for using on the lid. Again the individual bristles are soft but the brush as a whole is reasonably firm without being stiff.

9. Mister Mascara Japanese Style Tweezers (£7.95, buy here) are sooo much easier to use and less painful than more conventional tweezers. It's a lot quicker to do a tidy-up if you're in a rush with these.

Now moving onto my face products (l-r top row, then l-r bottom row).

1. Sleek Face Form in Medium (£9.99, buy here) was a great introduction to contouring for me. I love that you can apply it quite lightly for the daytime or build it up to go out. The highlighter is my favourite of the 3 powders.

2. Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace (£9.99, buy here). This is my go-to palette this summer if I'm going for a pink/orange look. When I'm hurrying to get ready to go out it's the first thing I reach for.

3. Nars Blush in Orgasm (£22.50, buy here). Although this is more of a daytime colour, I often like to wear bold lips when I go out, so it's subtlety really works for that.

4. Benefit Erase Paste in Deep (£20.50, buy here). This is such an essential for me, especially for a night out when I'm going for heavier coverage. And if it's the second night out in a row it covers up the damage from the night before!

5. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC40 (£21.50, buy here). This is perhaps the best piece of makeup I've ever bought ever. And honestly it's a bargain for £21.50 as a little goes so far. I think you can definitely get away with wearing it in the day but for me it's an evening product. I wear it every time I go out as it helps my face stay matte.

6. Elf Studio Makeup Mist and Set (£3.95, buy here) is more a product I'd wear out to a restaurant than a club. It gives a bit of a dewy look, which looks great even on oily skin if you aren't sweating like crazy!

7. Body Shop Matte It Skin Primer (£12, buy here). This product is better as a primer than as a matte product, however it does still stave off the shininess for a few hours. 

8. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent, (£3.99, buy here) is a miracle product I only recently discovered. If I'm out at a club I reapply it maybe a couple of times throughout the night and my face stays shine-free.

Now onto eyes (clockwise from bottom left).

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette, (£37, buy here). This was a recent purchase and since I got it I haven't been able to stop using it. It's perfect if you like neutrals but want a bolder, more evening look instead of standard beiges and browns.

2. MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette, (£4, buy here). This budget palette is almost up there with my Naked palette. It's a palette of shimmering neutrals which are easy to apply and blend nicely.

3. Benefit's They're Real Mascara (£19.50, buy here) is the only mascara I really wear for a night out. The wand makes clump-free application easy and lashes are darkened, lengthened and volumised.

4. NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker, (£7.50, buy here) is perfect for creating a cat eye, and if you want, a bold black line right across your lash line.

5. Elf Essential Eyelid Primer in Sheer, (£1.95, buy here). I can't believe I haven't done a full post on this product yet! It's great, I'd even say just as good as Urban Decay's version. For a night out a primer is essential unless you want your eyeshadow smudged across your face within the first hour!

6. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Forest Shimmer Ink (£18, buy here). I use this gel eyeliner on my waterline and sometimes also my lash line if I'm going for gold-hued eye makeup.

7. Elf Essential Brightening Eyeliner in Gilded, (£1.95, buy here). I love wearing this on my lower lash line for a smokey look when I'm wearing gold (which is most of the time now), and the price is just amazing!

8. Elf Essential Wet Gloss & Lash Clear Mascara, (£1.95, buy here). I don't use the lash gel for going out but the gel for eyebrows holds them in position (but not stiff) no matter how sweaty my face gets when I'm out.

9. Sleek Brow Kit in Dark, (£7.99, buy here). This is essential for both day and night, but I guess moreso for night as you generally do a stronger eyebrow. If you're still using a pencil, throw it away, repent and buy this! 

10. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Granite Ink, (£18, buy here). I use this in the same way as Forest Shimmer Ink, but when I'm going for a grey or silver look.

Finally let's finish with lips (clockwise from top left). 

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter, (£1.79, buy here). I can't live without this moisturising lip jelly day or night. 

2. Sleek Lip 4 in Havana, (£8.99, buy here) is perfect for me as I like to do dark lips. Also, as its so cheap I'm not afraid to take it on nights out.

3. Elf Studio Lip Lock Pencil, (£3.95, buy here) is another tool for keeping makeup in place for as long as possible.

4. Elf Studio Matte Lip Colour in Praline, (£3.95, buy here) is a great neutral if I'm going for a bold eye look.

5. Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator, (£3.95, buy here). This is essential for getting a good finish on lip colours, especially if it's a matte.

So that's it; the essential things I need for a good makeup night. I'll do a daytime version of this post once I've recovered from how long this one was!


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