Sleek Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade Review

So, as I said, this is a full review for the Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Pink Lemonade. I'm a little bit obsessed with these palettes at the moment, I'm currently eyeing up Lace and Californ.i.a....I think they're really good value as they're £9.99 for 3 complimentary shades. Some of the shades in a few of these palettes are dupes of some of their individual blushes, but as I don't own any of the individual ones that isn't really a problem for me.

As the name suggests, Pink Lemonade is a selection of pink shades; two powders and one cream. It's slightly annoying that the powder does sometimes flake off into the cream (which is my favourite), but I guess it's unavoidable.

There seems to be a bit of confusion on the internet over which way the names of the blushers are meant to run. It seems to make sense that the left-hand colour is Pink Mint (if that is the way the names run then in my review of Sugar, Turbinado and Demerara are the wrong way round), but I'm going to assume it's Icing Sugar, obviously the middle one is Macaroon either way and the right-hand one is Pink Mint. Icing Sugar is a pretty subtle cool pink, it took several applications to get it to look how it does in the swatches. It does have some shimmer in it, but again it's pretty subtle. Macaroon is the one cream blush, a very true pink. And Pink Mint is a very pigmented shimmer, in more of a rose colour.

Top: Icing Sugar, Middle: Macaroon, Bottom: Pink Mint

Left: Flash, Right: No flash

This is Icing Sugar on:

This is pretty easy to apply and I didn't find that it fades streakily. It's also not too crumbly and I like that it's a little more subtle as that allows you to build it up. I often wear this on top of Macaroon. Macaroon (below) is my favourite. It's just really easy to apply and a nice pretty pink. I'd happily buy this palette again just for Macaroon, as it's my go-to blusher. 

And finally this is Pink Mint:

I think this was probably my least favourite, as it's quite crumbly, making it more difficult to apply, a little streaky after a few hours, as well as it getting stuck to Macaroon. I also thought it was slightly too brassy and shimmery for me and it applies pretty heavily straight off. However I do think I'll still use it occasionally as I wear a lot of gold and brown eye makeup, and I think this is the most complimentary shade to that in this palette. 


Icing Sugar

* Subtle look
* Easy application
* Not too much shimmer
* Can take a lot of product to build it up to a more intense look
* Didn't fade much, and when it did it didn't look streaky



* Creamy 
* Easy to apply (glides straight on)
* Either powders can be applied on top and stick to the cream blusher
* A simple pink, no warm or icy undertones, like the two powders
* Great for everyday use


Pink Mint

* Quite crumbly, making it hard to apply and a bit streaky when it fades
* Very pigmented
* Hard to achieve a subtle look with this one
* Very shimmery


Pink Lemonade Overall

* A perfect palette for people who like pink for blushers
* Contains both subtle and more pigmented tones
* Macaroon combines really well with both of the powders
* Contains an icy pink, a true pink and a warm pink
* Shades suitable for daytime and nighttime wear
* Fantastic value


If you've tried any of the Sleek blush palettes, which one and what did you think? :)


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