Sleek Blush by 3 Comparisons

I absolutely love Sleek's Blush by 3 palettes (as anyone who's read my past posts probably realises) and I caved pretty quickly on getting Californ.i.a and Lace. I'll do full reviews of those later, but first off I wanted to do a comparison post so you can see what they look like next to each other.

(Images via: sleekmakeup.com)

Here are my 4 Blush by 3 palettes side by side. At the top is Sugar, Left-Right: Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara. To the left is Lace, Top-Bottom: Chantily, Guipure and Crochet. To the right is Californ.i.a, T-B: Newport Peach, The Surf and OC. At the bottom is Pink Lemonade, L-R: Pink Mint, Macaroon and Icing Sugar. 
(N.B. I'm really not sure the direction in which the names are meant to run, I'm just labelling the names running left to right left to right on the actual palettes for consistency. Though I actually think some of them are the opposite.)

So here are the swatches with flash (right) and without (left). The top left trio is Lace, T-B: Crochet, Guipure and Chantily. The top right-hand trio is Sugar, T-B: Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara. The bottom left-hand three makes up Californ.i.a, T-B: Newport Peach, The Surf and OC. And finally the three on the bottom right are Pink Lemonade, T-B: Icing Sugar, Macaroon and Pink Mint.

Sugar and Lace (the two older palettes) are both made up of 3 powders, each with 2 matte (for Sugar that's Turbinado and Demerara, for Lace that's Chantily and Crochet) and 1 shimmer (in Sugar Muscovado and in Lace Guipure). 

The two new ones for this year are Californ.i.a and Pink Lemonade. Californ.i.a is three cream blushers and Pink Lemonade has one cream (Macaroon) and two shimmer powders (Pink Mint and Icing Sugar).

In terms of dupes, for Lace, Guipure is a dupe of Sleek's Rose Gold (and also apparently NARS Orgasm) and Crochet is a dupe of their limited edition Pan Tao (so if you had that and have run out of it, Lace is a great option). For Sugar, Turbinado is a dupe of their Flushed blush and Muscovado is a dupe of their Sunrise blush. None of their individual blushers are cream, so no need to worry about Californ.i.a, and I couldn't see any dupes in Pink Lemonade.

Here are the links to my full reviews (Lace and Californ.i.a to be added soon):

Sugar is here
Pink Lemonade is here
(*UPDATE* Here's the review for Lace)
(*UPDATE2* Here's the review for Californ.i.a)

Whilst there are several more of these palettes, I own all the ones I like the colours in. Hopefully this post has been useful and will help some of you on deciding which palette is for you :)

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