MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig Review

MAC Lipsticks are my go-to if I want to treat myself, so I randomly picked this one up yesterday. It's called Twig and is in a Satin finish. I spent a while deciding between this one and an almost identical colour but with an Amplified finish. In the end I decided the Amplified was too glossy and Satin gives a matte-like finish whilst being easier to apply and less drying.

The lipstick came in MAC's usual sleek black packaging, and the lid is bullet-shaped. I was pretty close to also getting their Cremestick Liner in Buerre, but there was no one around to get advice off (I wasn't sure if it was right to go with Twig, because of the lighting), so I just left it. 

The lipstick is a dusky pink colour, not dissimilar to the colour of this font, actually. It's low-key enough to wear during the daytime, which means you get a lot of wear out of it for its £15 price tag. 

On the left is the swatch with a flash and on the right is without. As you can see it does have a slight lilac/purply sheen to it.

I was really pleased with how durable this colour was. I ate and drank without thinking about it and only had to reapply once throughout the entire day. I think that's another big bonus of Satin and Matte finishes over glossier ones. I really like this colour, I think it was a great investment and I see myself wearing it a lot.



* Very durable, no need to reapply very much
* Easy to apply
* Cute everyday colour
* I think it would suit pretty much every medium skintone
* Not at all drying, even if you haven't moisturised


* The only one I can think of is that it's quite expensive for a lipstick, though I think this one will really last

The Verdict

Colour:                     *****     
Finish:                      *****
Durability:                *****
Ease of application:  *****
Value for money:       ****





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