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Today we're talking about the new Saie Dew Bronze Soft-Focus Effortless Liquid Bronzer (Spritz) | £20. I really loved their original Sun Melt cream bronzer, so - with all the amazing reviews this was receiving - I decided to give this new liquid bronzer formula a go...

As soon as I swatched this product on the back of my hand, it reminded me of a product I once loved but got discontinued and reformulated to be a shadow of its old self (and I don't even think it's available any more in the UK): the Cover FX bronzing drops. Not the metallic shimmery version, the original true bronzer called Sunset which I originally reviewed here. So, that just got me extra excited about this product, because in all the years since that product was pulled, I've really not come across anything similar. It's a hybrid liquid-cream formula that comes in six different shades that offer something for fair skin tones through to what I'd describe as medium-dark, because obviously your bronzer needs to be darker enough than your natural skin tone to give that contrast and I don't think the darkest shade would do this on a dark-deep skin tone. Spritz was the fourth shade of six, though I potentially could have also gone with Swim too, but Spritz was described as the warmer of the two. I have a warm skin tone and I like a warm bronzer to give my skin a sun-kissed look, so I chose Spritz.

This is a very pigmented creamy liquid formula so should be applied with a light hand (it's definitely not a 'swipe, swipe, blend a bit' kind of balm formula like the one I reviewed here from Merit Beauty). I personally dot it on and blend it out, and I only need two dots for each cheek (I then apply a little to my temples and apply whatever's left on my brush to my jawline). It's a shimmer-free formula, but the water-based gel-like texture ensures this glides on, blends out easily and doesn't look or feel too matte. I'd just say that you do need to work with it relatively quickly to blend it out before it sets down. It's definitely a bit more work than some of the sheer cream bronzers on the market, but you're rewarded with something that looks a bit more like a 'brontour', adding warmth to the skin, but also some definition. I like how evenly it applies (without disrupting my base makeup) and it has really good staying power throughout the day.

I got the original Saie bronzer a couple of years ago and loved it. I wear the shade medium and it's creamy, has a dewy finish and applies effortlessly. However, it's much warmer and less contour-like than the Dew Bronze (I swatched them side-by-side below for comparison) and all of the Dew Bronze shades look to run a tad cooler. Sun Melt is more sheer and forgiving, if you want something that's quick, easy and fuss-free to apply. and I think which of the two you prefer is really going to be dependent on your makeup preferences; if you want a stronger look that's going to add a bit more definition, then go for the Dew Bronze, but for me and my personal makeup preferences, I do think I prefer the less-fussy and more-forgiving warmth of Sun Melt for my routine. 

So, it's a hit, but I'd say that if you have the Sun Melt and your makeup preferences seem to match mine: you don't need to try this too. If you're looking for something a little bolder and more punchy that's still a liquid-cream bronzer formula, then this is a really great option. 

See the demo here.

Have you tried this bronzer or any other liquid bronzer formulas on the market?

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