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Today we're talking Byoma; a skin barrier focused affordable brand that's honestly grown on me so much since its initial launch; whilst I've not loved any of their serums yet, I am pretty impressed by their staples  and recently got to try some of their toner formulas. Here's how I got on with them...

Let's start with the Milky Moisture Cleanser* | £12.99. This is a great dry skin cleanser that's right up my street; it's a milky lotion cleanser that's not too rich but is decidedly not water-based at all. I apply it to damp skin as my morning cleanse (I also use it as a second cleanse in the evening sometimes too) and it doesn't foam, simply getting nice and creamy. It's wonderfully conditioning and leaves my skin so soft and happy after use. This cleanser is formulated with ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, like all the products Byoma make, which are the three key components of your skin's lipid barrier. We can top up our stores of these components topically and - in the case of ceramides - applying them to the skin also helps encourage the skin to produce even more of its own. We also have panthenol; a great hydrator that helps skin retain moisture and glycerin as a humectant to draw in moisture. Vitamin E, rice extract and oat extract nourish the skin, soothe things and provide antioxidant benefits. There are also non-fragrant, skin-softening plant oils in here to add that extra bit of nourishment through the cleansing process (this formula also uses really gentle surfactants). This is lovely as a moisturising morning cleanse that keeps my skin perfectly in balance.

Next, let's talk about the Brightening Toner* | £11.99. This is one of those products that I'm surprised Byoma didn't already make because it's a pretty ideal application of their philosophy! Exfoliating toners are notoriously harsh sometimes; especially those formulated with high concentrations of glycolic acid. This toner instead uses its gentler younger siblings in the AHA family; lactic acid (which is also hydrating) and mandelic acid (which can help improve blemishes and discolouration). Birch extract helps brighten the skin too and urea is a natural moisturising factor with mild exfoliation benefits too. The formula is of course underpinned with the signature ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids combination, plus glycerin to help keep the skin hydrated. I personally use this product three evenings out of the week. It doesn't leave my skin tingly or have a 'bite' to it, it's not drying and - whilst I don't think it's a game-changer on its own in improving discolouration - it gently smooths my skin and makes it glow. 


Byoma also launched their Hydrating Milky Toner* | £11.99 | recently. I'm a big fan of milky toners and this is on the lighter, more water-based end of the spectrum so I'm sure a range of skin types could enjoy this as a hydration-booster. I personally just splash this into my hands and use those to apply it, as I only really find that cotton pads add value for spreading exfoliants across the skin. This time the three-lipid staple combination is teamed up with polyglutamic acid (a powerful humectant that had quite a bit of 'better than hyaluronic' hype around it a few years back) and cica, which is a plant extract commonly found in Korean skincare products, beloved for its skin-soothing and anti-redness benefits. We also have hyaluronic acid and glycerin to prop up the formula, gluconolactate (a PHA, so gently exfoliating in higher concentrations but primarily hydrating in lower concentrations) and also even Beta-glucan, another K-beauty favourite, which is found in oats and has skin-calming benefits. All in all, my winter skin has loved this as a lightweight, non-sticky added layer of soothing hydration.

Finally, the product I was most excited about: the Barrier+ Treatment* | £16.99. This is something I use as a night cream, though it can definitely also be spot-applied like a Cicaplast-style balm. Alongside Byoma's signature trio of lipids, we have nourishing, fatty-rich avocado oil, squalane (a plant-based but skin-similar replenishing oil) and ectoin as key ingredients. Ectoin is a really interesting ingredient and I can't really think of another product at this price-point that's formulated with it; it's an amino acid that can have protective properties for the skin and also keeps the skin hydrated by preventing water loss. Hyaluronic acid also features in this formula, and also shea butter to really nourish dry skin, alongside other skin-softening lipids, this product is also formulated with allantoin, which is great for calming and soothing the skin. I love slapping this on after using my retinoid of exfoliant. I'm a bit fan of their Rich Cream but this just takes the healing nourishment to the next level, which is what makes it perfect for calming and balancing the skin after you've used strong active ingredients on it. If you're prone to dryness and / or sensitivity or your current moisturiser just doesn't feel like enough; give this a try!

Have you tried anything from Byoma before?

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