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I have no idea how Tweens are able to afford Drunk Elephant these days (I think my pocket money got me a Pick n’ Mix and a copy of Sneak magazine back in the day…) but it’s a thing on TikTok! Strong actives are absolutely not beneficial or even safe for young skin unless prescribed by a dermatologist, so today we’re talking skincare that’s safe, suitable and fun for the tween in your life who’s starting to show an interest…

Let’s start with a cleanser, and honestly; this brand overall is great for tweens and teens. I recommend the Bubble Wipe Out Makeup Remover* | £13. You don’t have to be a makeup-wearer to use this product; it's just a lovely, gently, creamy-textured cleanser. Think: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for Gen Z! It's formulated with hydrating glycerin, lightweight plant oils (to moisturise and help remove impurities) and surfactants that will cleanse without throwing off the balance of sensitive, young skin. It's simple, it's moisturising, it's easy to use (to remove makeup and / or sunscreen, but also as a morning cleanse) and how cute is this packaging?!

Of course a face mask isn't necessary, but they're fun! And with so many drying, irritating formulas on the market, it wasn't easy to find one I thought would be ok to use on young skin. However, the Bondi Sands Face Glaze Cream Mask* | £10.99 | is really forgiving; it's not going to dry out the skin or lead to irritation if it's left on a little too long. It's a cream-based mask with water-attracting ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid alongside ceramides to help strengthen the skin's barrier function, shea butter to provide nourishment, aloe to soothe the skin and non-fragrant plant oils to leave things nice and soft. This is a gentle skin-booster to support hydration and skin health, so you can't go far wrong with it and it isn't going to be too intense to apply regularly for the fun of it!

Next, I've picked out the Byoma Moisturising Gel Cream* | £11.99. This is a lovely all-rounder that's moisturising but breathable for young skin that really doesn't need much at all! It's moisturising, hydrating and softening whilst being a really nice lightweight layer. It melts in effortlessly and provides lasting hydration without smothering the skin. It's formulated with the holy trinity of lipid barrier health: ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. There's a little bit of niacinamide in here, which helps boost barrier function and regulates oil production in the skin, making it a perfect option for skin that's in that early stage of 'getting hormonal'. It's formulated with glycerin and panthenol, which are moisture-boosting water-based ingredients. It can be used AM or PM to keep the skin hydrated.

Finally, of course we have a sunscreen! My everyday pick for younger skin is the Glow Hub Defend Yourself Sun Silk Face Cream SPF 30* | £12. This can be used as an all-in-one day cream and sunscreen because it has a lotion-like texture to hydrate the skin and leave it soft to the touch. It's formulated with elegant, next-generation filters to provide protection without irritation. It absorbs really easily and makes daily sunscreen such an effortless step. This is a great habit to get into and a formula that applies smoothly, doesn't leave a cast and looks pretty much traceless on the skin is a great way to build sunscreen into a morning routine from a young age. It's budget-friendly and again, the packaging is adorable!

Have you noticed a trend of younger and younger people getting into skincare? Which products do you think are suitable for their skin?

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