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Naturium are really just going from strength to strength for me with their mid-range skincare launches featuring the best ingredients on the market (other reviews can be found here). And now they've branched into body care, so the rest of you can benefit from high-quality actives...

We'll start with the body washes, and your body care basic is going to be the Glow Getter Multi-Oil Hydrating Body Wash* | £18. I have dry skin, especially on my body, so even during the warmer months, I'm really in the market for a gentle body wash. I don't want anything that's going to leave my skin stripped or aggravate my KP (those dry, re, itchy bumps some of us get on our arms and legs), so the idea of an oil-rich body wash really appealed to me. This product is formulated with 50% glycerin; this is a humectant, meaning to draws hydration into the skin, and you'll find it in almost all of your favourite face creams. As the name suggests, this body wash also contains a cocktail of moisturising plant oils, including sea buckthorn, jojoba, rosehip and squalane. These are all oils that I love for my facial skincare, so to get them in a body care product of 500ml under £20 is amazing! This is a true body wash, as opposed to a body oil, so it will lather up on contact with water if that's important to you (especially during summer to break down sweat). This combination means it cuts through sweat and waterproof sunscreen but still leaves my skin soft, happy and hydrated. It's been a real effort to make myself test out anything else lately, because my body skin loves this stuff!

For something a little more active, we have the Smoother Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Body Wash* | £18. This is a rich, creamy lathering body wash formulated with glycolic acid, an AHA. This body wash is formulated with 5% glycolic acid, boosted by lactic acid and supported by tartaric and malic acids. Glycolic acid is the most heavy-duty AHA and a 5% concentration is an effective but not too irritating level. Glycolic acid 'unglues' dead skin cells gathered on the skin's surface, so they can be removed, revealing smoother, less rough and more radiant skin. Lactic acid works in a very similar way, but it's gentler, boosting the formula's exfoliating potential without making it too intense for the skin. This is formulated with gentle but effective surfactants and has a satisfyingly-thick texture. I use this in the shower on my arms, legs and back (/ backside!) and I actually leave it on for up to 5 minutes for the chemical exfoliants to really work their magic before rinsing this off. I have very dry body skin, as I mentioned and this helps remove some of that ashy dryness and exfoliates the hair follicles to help smooth out and relieve my KP. It doesn't irritate my skin and it works really well on dry, rough skin a couple of times a week. 

Finally, I love, love, love the Bio-Lipid Body Lotion* | £16.50. Naturally, my skin wants the thickest, richest body cream I can get my hands on. Practically, I need a 'quick and easy' lotion that comes in pump packaging and I can slap on and have it absorb in a couple of minutes. This formula is the perfect balance for me. It's a richer lotion with some body to it, formulated with my favourite humectant: glycerin, nourishing shea butter, replenishing fats, natural moisturising factors (like Sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and panthenol), Vitamin E (a fat soluble antioxidant), plant oils such as rosehip and moringa seed (to give your skin a lovely, soft feel) and niacinamide (a multi-tasking active to boost ceramide production in the skin, improving its barrier function to keep dryness and irritation at bay and to help stop discolouration spreading through the skin). This deeply moisturises and softens my naturally-dry skin and it's easy to massage into the skin without needing too much time to absorb or needing to be rubbed in too much. It's perfect for summer and I'm pretty sure this will still work wonders for me during the winter.

As I'm sure you can tell: the three formulas I've tried from Naturium's body care line get my seal of approval! Have you tried any of the body or facial skincare from the brand?

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