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REN is a skincare brand I've been using for many years now; not only are they great in terms of moving the industry forwards when it comes to sustainable packaging, their products are gentle on the skin and - importantly - they work! Today we're talking through their new mini-collection: Everhydrate...

First up is the Everhydrate Marine Moisture-Restore Serum* | £40. This is my everyday go-to right now; it's a light gel that will work for most skin types because it's not sticky and it doesn't evaporate into the aether after a few hours! This serum is algae-based, meaning it's rich in minerals and antioxidants to promote healthy skin functions and to protect the skin from free radical damage (which comes from our environment). All of this is going to keep your skin happy and prevent premature ageing. There are natural moisturisers in this formula, as well as humectants like a hyaluronic acid derivative, glycerin and polyglutamic acid. For me, this is so much better than your bog-standard hyaluronic acid serum; the hydration lasts and there's substance to this formula, plus the addition of a powerful antioxidant. The compatibility of these ingredients and the water-based texture means that it layers really nicely with whatever else you want to use in your morning routine (such as a Vitamin C or a peptide). I still apply this to slightly damp skin (after using my toner) and lock it in with a moisturiser, but I don't have the issues I often experience with other humectants with this product. The healthy hydration feels locked in and even hours after use, my skin is still happy. It's a little more pricey, but if you can't get along with standalone hyaluronic acid: this is well worth trying out. 

REN also created the Everhydrate Moisture Replenish Cream* | £35 | to go alongside this serum. This is a water-based creamy melting lotion with a light-to-medium texture. For me, it's the kind of formula I'll be using in the summer on hot days when I need hydration that isn't going to smother my skin. This moisturiser is good for normal skin types during the day, dry skin types in summer and for oily skin types at night, in my assessment. You've got the antioxidant and skin-fortifying algae extract, the hyaluronic acid and glycerin to draw water into your skin's layers and some plant-based moisturising, skin-softening oils like watermelon seed. There's also Vitamin E in here to bolster the antioxidant benefits of the algae, plus it's fat-soluble so feels nice and moisturising on the skin. Fatty alcohol also adds that skin-softening emollient benefit. I really wasn't sure if this moisturiser would be enough for me at first, but it's surprisingly hydrating and it doesn't disappear from my skin throughout the day. As the weather warms up, this is exactly my kind of moisturiser. 

All in all, whilst I prefer the serum for my skin and my routine; REN have created a solid duo for lasting hydration. These products are the sorts of active-free basics that hold up the rest of your routine, and hydration really is the foundation of good skin days for me. My only negative is that these products do contain fragrance, which might rule them out for some people. However, if it doesn't bother you and you like a spa-like marine scent: I really am enjoying using these products. I think both is probably overkill, and which is for you really depends on if you're low-maintenance and don't need a lot of nourishment (in which case, go for the moisturiser) or if you prefer a longer routine or want the hydration but also like to lock it in with something richer (in which case, go for the serum).

Have you tried this new line from REN?

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