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Today we're talking about the Dyson Corrale Straightener* (Vinca Blue & Rose) | £399. I converted a couple of years ago to their hairdryer and have never looked back (check out my review here), but is their straightener just as game-changing? Let's talk the pros, cons and if this straightener is worth your money...

The Dyson straightener boasts flexible copper alloy plates designed to shape themselves around your hair strands and give you the style you want with minimal heat. I absolutely felt like this was the case for me; I don't find myself defaulting to the highest setting and passing over the same piece of hair more than once to get the style I want like I was before (and my old straighteners still cost me over £100). It's good for curling, it's good for straightening and I noticed that my hair looks far shinier using the Dyson than it did with my old straightener. And it seems to hold the style for longer. Both of these issues aren't things I'd really noticed; I just thought this was what straighteners are like, but apparently things don't have to be that way! Of course heat styling is never going to be great for your hair, but if you want to minimise damage but can't quit it completely: the Dyson straightener and hairdryer are both fantastic.

But the headline feature is probably the fact that these straighteners are battery-powered. In the presentation box you get a heat-proof travel pouch, a power cable and a stand for the straightener. You can plug the cable directly into your straightener or you can plug it into the stand so your straightener is upright and easy to reach for. There's also a flight feature so if you're putting your straightener into your hold luggage, you can disengage the battery. One round of battery will give me two full runs of my mid-length hair, so I can pack this for a weekend away without needing to bring the cable, so long as it's fully-charged. There are three heat settings and it heats up really quickly.

As far as performance and design go, I really can't fault this straightener but I do have a few practical gripes that I need to air too; all of which are related to the battery. Firstly, I think if you have very long, thick hair, you might actually struggle to get through it all on one charge (I'll outline why this is an issue shortly). And secondly, this does actually mean it has some weight to it. For me, as a person of average arm strength, and someone with hair that takes maybe 20 minutes to do: it's not a huge issue. However, if you have any issues with holding something heavy-ish for several minutes at a time: I don't recommend this to you.

But for me, there's one major issue this creates. If I plug in the stand and I'm doing my hair lifting the straightener on and off this charging port; sure, I expect it to run off the battery and just recharge a little when it's back in situ. However, I expected that if I plugged the cable directly into the straightener that it would just run off the mains directly, but it doesn't! This is so annoying because, sure, most of the time this sits on my dressing table and I'll do my hair and it'll charge right up whilst I do my makeup before I switch everything off at the plug socket. However, there are also times (especially when I'm travelling) where I don't always manage to put it on charge. As I've said: I can usually get 2 rounds out of one charge but there have been one or two times when I've really needed to get out of the door and the battery was low and it just kept dying on me as I was trying to do my hair quickly! Additionally, it just makes me think about the natural degradation of batteries over time; I'm sure we've all had the experience of going from getting hours of life out of your laptop to needing it plugged in constantly, or being able to charge your phone once a day to having to charge it two or three times a day a couple of years later. I will definitely give an update on this after a year or two of use if you want it, but the fact this can't just be mains-operated is a frustration for me.

It's a tough one; I absolutely love the results this gives my hair, the fact it looks and feels sleek after use rather than frazzled. It's quick to use and the results are long-lasting. It's probably the best straightener I've used in terms of how my hair looks and feels after using it. The practical issues are a frustration though! These are the reasons why it's not an instant obsession like the hairdryer was. It's up to you if they're deal-breakers, but this is the first iteration of this product so if I'm being honest, I would probably hang fire for now: Dyson always updates these hair gadgets and I've seen several little design improvements be implemented in later versions that a lot of users had been complaining about in the original edition (both of the hair dryer and air wrap). It seems they're receptive to feedback and I'm interested to see if any of my cons are changed in the next version. If you, can it might be worth waiting it out. If they aren't a massive deal for you, then go for it now!

Have you tried this straightener or any of the other Dyson hair products? Let me know your thoughts!

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