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For Christmas, my boyfriend surprised me with the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Copper Gift Edition - didn't he do well?! I had always lowkey wanted this but at £300, it seemed an indulgence too far, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. But, now I have it, do I think it's worth the money...?

Dyson is obviously known for its vacuum cleaners, though they do offer a number of other fine-tuned gadgets. I personally think it was a stroke of genius to apply their technology and know-how to a beauty product like this. I am that person who will take my hair dryer with me everywhere; I don't want to use my friend's, I certainly don't want to use the one in the hotel room and I've always had decent hair dryers. The one I had before this was a GHD dryer, which was about £100 (I've since gifted it on to my mum) so it's not like I was using a £15 hair-frazzler before! Just to give you some context for this review.

The hair dryer comes with four different attachments: a thin, concentrated nozzle (this tends to be my option of choice for blow-drying my hair, as it allows me to focus on each individual section), a slightly wider one (for a more blown-out look), a diffuser (great for curly hair or hair lacking in volume) and a 'gentle air' attachment, which I personally think would be best for short hair. These attachments all slot on magnetically and it all comes in a travel case and there's a heat mat in there too. You get three options for the strength and speed of the air flow and then three heat options, as well as a cool setting.

Obviously this hair dryer is very visually different to your usual, and the way it works is too. It's quieter, more efficient, less hot and frazzle-y. It creates less steam when I'm drying my hair and it also has an easily removable filter, so you can clear out any dust and debris in seconds (so you aren't grappling with burning smells and awkwardly trying to get the dust out of a complex fan system). It was really intuitive for me to use, though it comes with a 35 day money back guarantee if you use it for a bit and decide it's not for you (there's also a 2 year guarantee in terms of repairs and issues).

This is one of those situations where you don't realise what you've been missing out on until you have it! There's a lot of stuff that I just assumed was a given when you're drying your hair; the frizz, the dryness, the steaminess, the heat, the noise... And, this hairdryer taught me that there's a better way! This has made a huge difference to the quality of my hair. Before I started using this, I used to layer my hair with oils to try and counteract the effect blow-drying was having on my hair but when I started using this, I noticed my hair was looking a bit greasy. I eased up on the oils because it's actually not needed with this hair dryer because it has this way of just locking moisture into the hair instead of blasting through it. It gives a smooth, even blow-dry, you won't even really need to straighten your hair afterwards, and it doesn't have that drying, damaging effect. It also cuts down my overall drying time by around 20%, which is pretty great in itself!

As I've said, I was hardly using a rubbish, cheap hair dryer before getting this but it was still a game-changing level-up for me. I only wish I'd taken the plunge sooner and saved my hair some frazzling! If you're unsure, I'd really recommend seeing if a friend has this hair dryer so they can let you try it, or Dyson do have pop-ups in places like Selfridges when they shops are open again, if you have some time so you can try before you buy. For me, I would personally never go back from this hair dryer; it's made an incredible difference to the quality of my dry hair, and it's just more pleasant to use and easier to work with than any other hair dryer I've used before. I'm a convert! Praise be to the Dyson!

Have you tried this hairdryer? Would you consider splurging on it?

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