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Today we're talking through four new products from affordable UK skincare brand Skin Proud (now also available at Boots). The products are all designed to support the skin barrier, so they're great for the transitional weather and I also really recommend using them alongside any stronger actives in your routine. Of course the packaging gives more of a Gen Z vibe, but I honestly think any skin type and any age group can benefit from these sorts of products. So, let's dive into this...

Let's start with the Face Melt Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Balm* | £12.95. I was pleasantly surprised with this formula and how luxurious it feels on my skin! It melts down so effortlessly from a solid into a silky oil so you can massage it in and lift up your face full of makeup ready to be removed. It emulsifies into a milk as soon as you add in water and a few quick swipes of a damp face cloth will make quick work of makeup (including waterproof mascara and liner) and sunscreen. It doesn't leave behind any sort of film or excess on my skin once removed, but it's still really effective. It's formulated with plant oils and there's a bit of fragrance in here but it's nothing too noticeable and is unlikely to be irritating in this type of product. The only other thing I'd flag is that it does contain coconut oil around about midway through the INCI list; as I said, I find this rinses really clean off my skin, but I know some people have issues with this specific ingredient so felt it was worth mentioning. However, for me: I really like how this feels on my skin and how well it works!

I also have the Daily Saviour Skin Recovery Booster Serum* | £12.95 | which is a fantastic product to switch to if your skin is feeling a little sensitive or if you've just used a stronger acid toner and want to pull things back into a more soothed state. They do contain something a little more active in a very gentle way - there's a Vitamin C derivative in here and Vitamin E to boost and stabilise it, so you're getting an antioxidant and mild skin-brightening benefit with a minimal chance of irritation. There are ceramides in here too, which are a fundamental building block of the skin's lipid barrier (so they're essential for happy, healthy skin) and niacinamide, which can help boost up the skin's own production of ceramides (plus it has a brightening benefit). To soften and nourish the skin, we have rosehip and avocado oils (plus squalane, which imitates our skin's natural oils) and glycerin will help bring in the hydration. We also have linoleic acid which is an amazing fatty acid to replenish the skin. It has a kind of creamy-gel texture and it's perfect for skin that's suffering a little as the weather cools down. And you don't have to compromise on getting the antioxidant and brightening benefits of your usual strong actives if your skin isn't quite loving them right now. This is great to have on hand if you have sensitive skin or easily-sensitised skin.

Next, let's talk about the Daily Saviour Skin Restoring Cream* | £14.95 | which has to be a standout from the entire line for me! I love that this cream has such a light and fluffy texture but still works. I have normal-to-dry skin and I find this a great barrier support cream for my daytime routine and I also use it at night (topped off with the final product we'll go through next). Alternatively, if you have combination skin and want a bit of a richer night cream for autumn / winter then I think this is perfect. This is formulated with shea butter, which is gorgeously nourishing and softening for the skin, alongside avocado oil, linoleic acid, ceramides and glycerin. It has a pretty similar makeup to the serum (minus the more active stuff), but that's not necessarily a bad thing because these aren't really the sorts of ingredients you can easily over-do. You don't need both, though; it's really about which product type and texture fits best into your routine. I personally love how softening, calming and moisturising this is whilst having such a nice texture that works really well under makeup and is travel-friendly because it works for day or night.

Last - but not least - are the Proud Pods 100% Squalane Oil* | £14.95. As I touched on briefly earlier: squalane is a plant-derived oil that's skin-similar, meaning it mimics the oils your skin naturally produces so should be compatible with even the most sensitive skin types. It's a great ingredient for giving your skin that little something extra as the weather gets colder. I actually do really like this formula - it's silky, softening and deeply moisturising without being overly rich or heavy, plus it doesn't pill as the final step in my routine or feel too greasy on my skin. My only negative is really that I don't think the ingredient needs to be in a pod format; in fact, I've never come across squalane pods like this before. There are only 30 pods in here so using them every night, they're only going to last you a month, so that makes these feel a lot more expensive than they initially look. It's a great formula, as I said, so I hope they bring it out in a bottle and I'll be saving these for when I travel!

Have you tried anything from Skin Proud?

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