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We're in the full throws of summer, so today I thought it was the perfect time to share with you my favourite body products for the season...

We'll start with a body wash and I'm currently using the Moam Refillable Body Wash in Santorini* | £20. This is a really nice gentle-but-foaming formula (with ingredients like aloe and sunflower seed oil), which is perfect for my dry skin in the summer because I need something that can cut through the sweat after I've been running in the heat without stripping my skin of much-needed moisture. The scent is an aromatic blend of geranium, bergamot, vanilla and frankincense that lingers nicely on the skin after use.

Also for in the shower, we have the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub* | £48. This is a physical-chemical hybrid exfoliant with pumice to buff away dead skin cells, lactic acid to break apart the bonds between them, salicylic acid to unplug hair follicles and help with KP (red, itchy dry bumps on the arms and legs) plus fruit enzymes to provide that surface smooth. It's great for KP, self tan prep or if you're just noticing rough, bumpy skin on your body now it's seeing the light of day a bit more regularly!

After showering, I have a couple of options. The first is Necessaire's the Body Serum | £45 | which is a lightweight gel that's perfect for using underneath your body sunscreen to get some really amazing ingredients into your body care routine. It really hydrates and soothes my skin whilst also helping with my KP. It's formulated with a gently-exfoliating PHA, niacinamide to help boost the skin's barrier function, glycerin and hyaluronic acid to draw water into the skin, ceramides to replenish this fundamental component of the skin barrier and aloe to calm irritation. I absolutely love this stuff - I finally finished it and will definitely be repurchasing!

My go-to body lotion lately has been the Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Lotion* | £30. You may have heard me talk about how much I love the Body Moisturiser from this brand, and the lotion just puts that goodness into a lighter texture and a pump bottle, making it perfect for summer. Vitamin B5 is panthenol and has the ability to soothe the skin and also help it better-retain moisture. We have fatty acid-rich avocado oil to moisturise and replenish the skin and a hyaluronic acid derivative to pull in that moisture. It also has a lovely light citrus scent to it. It really helps keep my dry skin soft and happy whilst having a light texture that's quick and easy to apply with minimal rubbing-in! 

I also love me a body oil and a new discovery has been the Ole Henriksen Firmly Yours Dry Body Oil* | £36. I can't say categorically that this is going to 'firm' sagging skin but what it does do it soften and moisturise it so elasticity is improved and the skin on your body looks and feels its best. It's a dry oil blend (meaning it softens and nourishes without leaving behind a greasy excess) formulated with squalane (to mimic the skin's natural oils), a Vitamin E derivative, fatty borage seed oil and chia seed oil (a great source of linoleic acid). Plus we have peptides, which could help maintain collagen in the skin and can plump and hydrate it, alongside soothing bisabolol. It's what I like to reach for on a 'legs out' day!

This year, my go-to body sunscreen has really been the Bondi Sands Fragrance-Free Lotion SPF 50+ Body* | £7.99. This is a chemical sunscreen with 4 hours of water resistance (so perfect if you're expecting to break a sweat) and a really high level of broad spectrum protection. The light, fluid lotion is easy to spread across the skin and doesn't leave a white cast. I also love that this comes in a really nice, moisturising lotion base, so on rushed mornings I'm still getting some nourishment in there for my dry skin.

Lastly, I have a self-tanning product: the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Body Butter* | £17.95. What I like about this is that it's a quick and easy one-step product. Just exfoliate and apply this using a mitt before bed and it gradually develops overnight. I really like that the self-tan comes in a nourishing base that buffers things nicely so you get a streak-free finish and the product doesn't cling to dry patches or around your joints. By morning it gives me an even, natural, warm boost of colour. It's perfect if you want to look like you've been away on holiday and caught the sun!

What are your body must-haves this summer?

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