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As a drier-skinned person, I don't love foaming cleansers. Whilst they aren't all going to be drying, I can't try every cleanser I come across and honing in on these formulas is a quick route for me to figure out which products I'm most likely to enjoy. And possibly some bad experiences mean I just don't enjoy that foaming sensation! So, today I'm sharing five of my favourite water-based, non-foaming cleansers that provide an effective clean during the warmer months without stripping the skin...

First up, we have a really nice affordable option: the Aveeno Calm & Restore Nourishing Oat Cleanser* | £7.99 | full brand review. This has a little bit of a jelly-like texture to it so there's a bit of body but it's not too thick. It's simple and gentle with no fragrance and ingredients like soothing oat, plant extracts (rich in antioxidants) and Vitamin E. This is definitely a morning or second cleanse rather than one that you'd use to remove makeup and I love how non-stripping it is. Cleansing is probably the harshest process we put our skin through regularly and this water-based jelly gentle removes grime and sweat whilst leaving my skin feeling soft, happy and hydrated after use. If you have sensitive skin: I definitely recommend checking this out.

Next is an oldie but a goodie: the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser* | £38 (200ml) | full brand review. This has a little bit more of a fluid-y texture and is formulated with moisturising borage seed oil, soy proteins (as they're rich in replenishing amino acids), rosewater to hydrate the skin and soothing cucumber extract. This feels so nice and refreshing on my skin and it can be used as a morning cleanse or to remove everyday makeup at the end of the day (if you pair it with a damp cloth). This makes it a great option if you just don't fancy putting an oil-based cleanser on your skin after a summer's day when you're already feeling pretty oily! You can get a very slight lather out of this formula, but it's not foaming and it's one of my favourite gentle-but-effective multi-taskers. 

A more recent discovery has been the Cipher Cloud Melt Hybrid Cleanser* | $68 | full brand review. This was actually reformulated not too long ago and the new product is like a slightly thicker gel cleanser that melts onto the skin into a light, non-foaming, water-based texture. Though it looks like just a slightly-richer traditional cleansing gel, it does actually contain oil esters to provide a really effective cleanse. It also has a gentle PHA to encourage smoother skin and provide hydration and we have natural moisturising factors and panthenol to ensure the skin barrier is happy. This cleanser is perfection if you - like me - have generally dry skin but want something lighter and fresher for the summer months. It's gentle but works.

I actually need to pick this one up again because I loved it so much! Monday Muse's the Cleanser* | £28 | is a perfect do-it-all cleanser to pack for your holiday. This formula is perfectly describes as a 'soft milky gel'; it can remove makeup if you use it with a cloth but it's also just a great, gentle, non-stripping morning cleanse. It obviously doesn't foam but it's also light and washes off the skin easily, and leaves my face feeling fresh but soft and never dried-out. It contains some really great ingredients to replenish your skin through the cleansing process, such as aloe and hemp seed oil. It's somewhere between a gel and a lotion but melts down into something water-based and my skin just loves it.

Last but not least (because I love them all!) we have the Venn All-in-One Moisture Balance Cleanser* | £55. This is probably the most lightweight texture of the bunch and it comes out like a gel with a milky, emulsion-like consistency. This, for me, is a morning or second cleanse and it actually contains some great ingredients, so I recommend taking your time to work this into your skin so you get some of those benefits in. It's non-foaming and slightly acidic with ingredients such as PHAs, glycerin for hydration, soothing chamomile and centella extracts and niacinamide (in this context it's probably going to help with excess oiliness and help boost up the skin barrier). It just has that little bit extra in terms of ingredients and it always leaves my skin hydrated and glowing after use.

Do you like non-foaming cleansers? What are some of your favourites?

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