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Today we're talking moisturisers! I think this is definitely a step in your skincare routine where you can save (possibly to divert attention to your active serums, where a good formulations can be a bit more costly): if you like the feel, the texture and the ingredients then there's really not that much else to finding a good moisturiser. Here are five such formulas (a little more geared towards my normal-to-dry skin) at at reasonable price-point...

Let's kick things off with the Versed Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream* | £16.50. This is a rich-but-light kind of cream in that it feels fluffy and not at all heavy once applied but it's enough for my dry skin and offers that softening effect and deep moisture. It contains algae extract which is a source of antioxidant goodness (neutralising free radicals from our environment that lead to premature ageing), plus Vitamin E to boost it, hyaluronic acid will draw water into the skin and ingredients like squalane and fatty alcohol will also provide that nourishing feel. This is a simple but effective formula with no fragrance and no shea butter for those of you with dry skin who can't tolerate that specific ingredient. This can also be used as a night cream for oily and combination skin types because it's not going to smother your pores.

I also have the Byoma Moisturising Rich Cream* | £13.99 | full brand review | here to talk about. It comes in pump packaging so although it's a richer formula, you know it's not going to be thick, greasy or difficult to spread, though if you prefer a very light texture, there's a gel formula in this line that does still contain the holy trinity of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, which are a fundamental component of your skin barrier and in all honesty: they're ingredients that you can't really get enough of in your routine and they'll complement any actives / serums you want to use alongside them. You also get shea butter, fatty alcohol and glycerin in here plus bakuchiol, which is often touted as a 'natural retinoid'. Whilst I'm not super convinced of that based on the research we have so far, it's definitely nice to have in my books; in the very least it can have antioxidant benefits, help with skin texture and improve discolouration. At the same time it's extremely gentle and won't irritate the skin. This has a breathable feel once applied but takes care of dry and dehydrated patches easily and gives my skin that softness that feels incredibly satisfying. This is a flexible moisturiser for me that (bar perhaps during the depths of winter) can work for AM or PM.

A more recent find has been the Revolution x Sali Hughes Cream Drench Rich Anytime Moisturiser* | £14 | full brand review. If you like the sound of the Versed formula but want a few added extras to condense your skincare routine down or you enjoy more of a sensory experience (this one has a light scent to it) then try this instead. It has a bit more of a buttery quality but still isn't heavy on the skin. It's nourishing with squalane, castor seed oil, shea butter esters and ceramides but also contains niacinamide so you get the benefits of how it can reduce spread of hyperpigmentation in the skin, reduce oil production and boost the skin barrier without the need for a separate serum step. It actually feels really nice and luxurious on the skin at a bargain price-point!

The Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare review is coming, it's just been gestating - there are quite a lot of active products in the line that require a good amount of testing. However, I did want to still shout out the Bondi Sands Daydream Whipped Moisturiser* | £9.99. This is probably the most universal formula in this lineup; ok, maybe if you're super-oily you wouldn't wear this for a day at the beach, but I think as an AM moisturiser: it will suit most people. It doesn't contain fragrance and is formulated with a lot of good stuff including glycerin, fatty alcohol, Vitamin E, rosehip oil and desert lime extract, which is great source of antioxidants. It has a pretty light texture, absorbing quickly but hydrating, softening and moisturising my skin in an instant. It's gorgeous under makeup, too!

Last, but certainly not least (because all of these products are great) we have an old favourite of mine: the Beauty Bay Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser | £7.50 | full brand review. Again, it's a rich-but-not-heavy moisturiser, though it's the most nourishing option I have here to discuss today. I would use this as a day cream during the winter, as it's fluffy and spreadable and fast-absorbing enough to still sit really nicely under makeup, but for the rest of the year, this is a dreamy, replenishing night cream that's perfect for pairing with your retinoids or other actives that can be a bit rough on your skin barrier. It's fragrance-free and simple, formulated with oat extract, oat oil, panthenol, glycerin, fatty alcohol and sunflower seed oil to moisturise the skin, lock in that hydration and provide a soothing benefit. It's definitely one of those a 'hug for your face' kinds of products.

Have you tried any of these moisturisers? What are your favourites under £15?

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