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I love a tinted complexion product and I've really enjoyed the products I've tried from Rare Beauty so far (original review), so when I saw the Rare Beauty Positive Light Tinted Moisturiser (30N) | £26 | was available at Space NK, it went right into my cart...

This product comes in 24 shades, which isn't bad, though I found them a little confusing; for example, if you wanted a warm shade specifically, the jumps between each warm option are pretty huge. The overall gradient seems ok, though. I chose the shade 30N which is a really good match for me. The bottle is quite small, but at the same time the price point is quite a bit lower than other products I reach for in this category (namely from Nars and Rose Inc), so it's probably swings and roundabouts! You just squeeze the bottle to dispense the product so a bit of control is needed to get the right amount, though I do think this packaging could be better for eaking out the final drops (TBC...)

I probably use around about 1-2 pea-sized amounts for my face - it naturally sits at a light-to-medium coverage but can be built up a little more so it evens things out without covering the skin too much. I tend to apply this with a synthetic duo-fibre brush but a damp beauty sponge would work, or even your fingers if that's your preference. I have a normal-to-dry skin type so I personally rely on my skincare to give me the foundation my makeup needs and prep my skin every day with hydrating products. I specifically choose moisturisers and sunscreens for my AM routine that my base sits well over the top of. With that in mind, this gives me a 'natural' skin finish; it's not adding any additional dewiness but it's definitely not mattifying. It's less glowy than most of the tinted complexion products on the market, which might make it appealing to people who find that super-dewy kind of look a bit too much for them.

In terms of longevity... it's ok. It doesn't settle into fine lines or get cakey or clumpy on my skin during the day, but on a typical 9-5 when I'm out and about, I do notice it gets a bit shiny around my t-zone and does break up a little around my chin and forehead. It's a shame because I can see that being a deal-breaker for oily-skinned people who will naturally have a lot more of a problematic t-zone! It looks ok and it's not as though I wouldn't reach for it when I'm going to work for that reason, it's more that I don't experience these issues with my existing favourites.

All-in-all: it's a really nice product but I do prefer that bit of extra glow so it's definitely not toppled my beloved Nars! I'd have forgiven that if it had a really bulletproof longevity, but unfortunately that's not the case. That all makes this a 'use up' but not a repurchase for me...

Check out my demo Reel of the product here.

Have you tried the Rare Beauty tinted moisturiser?

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