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I've wanted to try the Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks | £22 | for ages, so when I saw they'd appeared on Cult Beauty, I obviously had to order myself a pair. Here are my thoughts...

I've always enjoyed an eye patch for a quick fix of cooling and depuffing, plus as a serum treatment. I actually reach for them more than sheet masks. However, I did decide that I'd just stick to my absolute favourites in these categories and not buy any new ones because I feel that single-use products aren't ideal and I've been so busy over the past few months that I rarely had time to just sit down and do a sheet mask. Additionally, I feel as though eye and sheet masks are essentially a serum + occlusion and, ultimately: you're going to get the most out of the ingredients in those serums by using them more regularly than a 4-pack of eye masks or a single sheet mask allow for. However, I have always liked the added hydration and increased penetration of ingredients that trapping everything in with a barrier can provide and specifically with eye masks: they just feel good! Sometimes you come in from a long day or you wake up feeling less than rested, you have some eye patches in your fridge, you slap them on and it's just instant cooling calm and de-puffing goodness.

Therefore, the idea of a set of reusable eye masks in a travel-friendly tin that I can use alongside my existing eye treatments really appealed to me. The design of these is fantastic too: the shape is perfect, the letters and layout make it clear which way you're supposed to wear them and the silicone material itself has a good suction to it, so these patches stay in place and don't slide down your cheeks. For me that's a biggie and probably the reason I've used these pretty much every night and lots of mornings too since they arrived. Instead of feeling like I have to lie down still and watch TV whilst they're on, I can get on with other stuff and they stay perfectly in place.

I leave them on for 10-20 minutes and the hydration left behind is really noticeable after removal. I then apply my moisturiser to lock everything in. Then I simply wash these with warm water, dry them off with a cloth and return them to their case. They're easier, better-quality, more versatile and obviously far less wasteful than traditional eye masks and have become a staple in my routine.

Have you tried these eye patches or any other reusable eye or sheet masks?

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