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Today we're just doing a bit of an off-the-cuff post; it's not necessarily an entire makeup routine, it's just me picking out a few products I've tried and enjoyed recently to share with you. So, let's dive in...

Starting with complexion products: I have two bases on rotation, one that's for everyday and one that's for when I'm getting a bit more glammed-up. The Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum* (060) | £36 | demo | full review | is what I've been going for on the regular. Whether I'm heading into the office or out with friends and family during the day: this has been my default, really. It's fresh and dewy on the skin and has added skincare benefits. It's light coverage and has this sort of bursting effect with the pigments as you work it into the skin. It allows your complexion to shine through so you can just pop on concealer where you'd like it and overall your skin will look like skin. It lasts on me without going patchy, though if you're oily, it might get a little shiny throughout the day. 

For more of an 'occasion', I guess, I reach for the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation* (6 Neutral) | £34 | demo. This is my kind of 'proper' foundation, in that it's creamy but blendable and buildable. With foundation, I personally like to start with, say, one pump, then have a look and see where I'd like to build up the coverage. This medium (but builable to medium-full) coverage formula works really nicely for that. It gives a natural finish; if you're oily and you've used a 'matte and poreless' primer, you'll get more of a matte look, if you're like me and try to bring the glow with your skin prep, you'll get a radiant finish. This has really great longevity, it doesn't noticeably settle into my fine lines or pores and it's foundation that doesn't feel like it's overly covering up your natural skin. You can really work with it to create the appearance you want out of it.

I've been using my Fenty eye brightener for ages now but over the past several weeks, I actually tried two new concealers. For me, the Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer (240) | £18 | demo | full review | came out on top. It's a very fluid formula and a little goes a long way, so you can do a couple of little dots and blend it out (fingers, a brush or a beauty sponge all work equally as well) and still get a nice medium coverage. I chose 240 as a brightening shade so I'd personally still use a peach corrector underneath to help cancel out the darkness under my eyes but this brings back the light and radiance. I'd just note that it definitely needs setting to avoid creasing, but if you use a little bit of powder over the top of it: it lasts all day in my experience.

Another highlight (badum-tssh) from the brand was the Rare Positive Light Liquid Luminiser in Outshine | £21 | demo | full review. This is just my perfect liquid highlight; it's not glittery, it doesn't a weird silvery metallic shift to it, it's just a dewy, natural but gorgeous-when-it-catches-the-light glow. This is a light gold shade that's perfect if you have a warmer undertone like me. You can blend it out with a duo-fibre brush or your fingers for a natural highlight and it won't disturb the makeup underneath, or it's so pretty mixed in with your complexion product for an all-over glow. I've not put this down since I got it, to be honest!

This brand only became available here in the UK last year so I picked up the Bite Beauty Daycation Whipped Blush in Coconut Rum | £30. This is kind of like a creamy-liquid luminous blush and in this shade, it can even serve as a one-step cheek product for low-effort days. This is a sheeny bronzed rose-tan colour that ties in really nicely with my everyday makeup looks. I usually just dab it on with my fingers but you can use a brush if you want - it's a kind of mousse that goes on really smoothly and lasts throughout the day on my skin without going patchy. My only negative is squeezing the product itself out! I love to pair this with my favourite lip balm in tinted form: the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla Beige | £19. It's full of nourishing, softening plant oils for soft, happy lips and this has a rosy-beige tint to it. You can throw this product in your bag to apply it on-the-go. It's such an easy product to reach for to give your lips some love as well as a wash of colour.

What are your favourite makeup products right now?

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