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I'm finally sitting down to do my Nudestix skincare review! Nudeskin dropped at the start of this year and I've been gradually rotating around and testing out their products for months so it seemed time to report back on my verdict, and I was pleasantly surprised...

Nudestix is a natural-look makeup brand and I use a lot of their cream blushers, bronzers and lip products in my everyday routine. I have to admit, I have a natural suspicion of makeup brands that suddenly decide to branch out into skincare. The two are very different! I approached these products with a healthy scepticism, however what piqued my interest is that these products were formulated by a Korean lab. I love a bit of K-beauty and its philosophy of very gentle actives and maximising skin hydration. Just as a side note, so I don't have to mention it for every single product: this line contains itemised fragrant essential oils so be sure to check the INCI list if you have any know sensitivities.

Let's start with the cleansers. The first one I'll discuss is your morning or second cleanse: the Gentle Hydra-Gel Face Cleanser* | £16. This is such a nice, interesting formula! It's a water-based, non-foaming cleanser, with a unique super-light gel texture. It's not for the foam queens but for those dry-skinned people looking for a mild cleansing action that's not going to dry out your skin or feel at all harsh. I personally love it in the morning just to get a fresh slate for my routine without going through a stripping cleansing process. It's formulated with several forms of hyaluronic acid and glycerin to draw water into the skin, castor oil for lightweight moisture, Vitamin E (a moisturising antioxidant) and gentle surfactants.

The other cleanser in the line is the Citrus Clean Balm & Makeup Melt* | £32 | and I'm honestly a little more ambivalent about it. That surprised me as it's hard to get a first cleanse wrong and I personally love it when they're in tubes because it feels so handy and is better for travel. On the positive side, I really enjoy this light, almost fluffy texture and how it melts down onto the skin. It emulsifies off completely clean on contact with water and does a great job of cutting through makeup (including waterproof liner) and waterproof sunscreen. For me, the drawback is the scent. I'm not a hater of fragrance in skincare, I just don't appreciate it when it's in a product I'm not using for an 'experience', when it's in a formula that feels contractory (such as barrier repair products, which I think should be free from known irritants) and when it impedes me enjoying the product. This falls into that third category; the essential oil scent is so strong, it can irritate my eyes and if I've used it to remove a lip product it leaves behind this awful aftertaste for ages. For the price, I just think there are far better overall formulas on the market (in fact, I have products I prefer that are 1/3 of the price of this).

Next, let's talk about their exfoliation options. Honestly, I don't think you need both: I'll run through them and compare them and really it'll come down to personal preference and how you like to do your routine. The first I'll discuss is their Lemon-Aid Detox & Glow Micro-Peel* | £32. This is really a gommage, which is a popular type of product in South Korean and - contrary to what TikTok would have you believe - it's texture is not your skin peeling off! They're polymers reacting with oils in the skin and balling off along with any impurities. This offers a gentle chemical exfoliation with enzymes and the manual action you use to massage it onto the skin. Once you've done that: leave it for a couple of minutes for the enzymes to work then rinse it off. This offers an immediate and gentle glow-boost. Whilst I do think acid exfoliants are more effective at tackling uneven skin tone, if you're quite sensitive or just want that quick pick-me-up then this is for you.

The other option is the 5% Citrus Fruit & Glycolic Glow Toner* | £24. This is obviously your traditional exfoliating toner; I don't tend to exfoliate daily because I just have other powerhouse actives in my routine so it plays more of a supporting / supplementary role. Therefore a gentle 5% formula like this plays well with everything else I use, and I've gone for this around four times a week. Glycolic acid can 'unglue' dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion. This does contain quite a few fragrant essential oils and I point that out because when we exfoliate the skin, it can be a sensitising process, so if your skin is prone to irritation then adding fragrance into the mix probably isn't the best idea. I personally find this smoothed my skin and gave it that instant glow boost without any irritation.

Last, but certainly not least (as it's probably my favourite product from the line) we have the Citrus-C Mask & Daily Moisturiser* | £35. A lot of Korean brands tend to call these sorts of products 'masks' but you can use this in the daytime and not just as a sleeping mask, it really depends on your skin type. I personally love the gorgeous, nourishing, buttery texture of this. It doesn't feel heavy, it's certainly not suffocating my skin, but it softens, smooths, plumps and deeply moisturises. This is full of emollients, which is where that smooth feel comes from, it's formulated with glycerin for its humectant properties and Vitamin E. We also have turmeric extracts in here which are great for their powerful antioxidant benefits, as well as brightening the skin and they have anti-inflammatory properties. Overall, for my normal-to-dry skin (especially as we move into autumn / winter) this is dreamy!

I do believe they've released another mask and a lip product more recently and I'd be really interested if - with the help of their Korean lab - they launched something like a sunscreen. But, we all know how long that takes! Overall, I really did enjoy using this line, it's at a reasonable price-point and it embraces a 'less is more' approach to skincare whilst incorporating some inspiration from K-beauty. It doesn't feel like a makeup brand hopping on the trend of 'skin first' and instead it's a well thought-out collection of products.

Have you tried Nudeskin?

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